Sunday, June 12, 2011

okkiW's Cut


Stylish Blogger eh?
At least this is fine excuse to tell you something about okkiW the Rat...

I too started miniature hobby in the 90's... Very young and sure, that when i would grow older, i would surely quit such a childhis hobby soon...i was going to be a serious adult;)

When i met izeColt, my sleeping miniature hobby took off again and we soon founded Spiky Rat Pack.

I am a huge fan of experimental electronic music,,,It makes my brain work (No acid needed;)

Good Whiskey& Rum....and Beer, they also make my brain work!

Girlfriend...yes i have one...Love you Teija! dog,,,well, he's the best

Helsinki... the City i live in...(btw. Helsinki was recently nominated as "the best city in the world to live in" by the British Monocle Magazine!)


10-15 blogs i read?.... i don't even know that many blogs!!!

izeColt listed pretty good one's already,,but i like to pick just one more blog ...

Tears of Envy's Blog

Fantastic blog, that feeds your brains with Cool stuff!
It's not stricktly a miniature blog but every hobbyist should read some blogs that are not miniature-only blogs.
Go check it out now!


Then some additional info:

I now accept commissions, if you have some idea that you want me to create for you, please contact me at:

& oh! I would like to ask, if mr. J.B & Steve Buddle could contact me too....
You guys helped me so much with Captain Gaga, so i thought that it would be a great honour for me, if i could send you some copies, as soon as they arrive to me=)



  1. Hey okkiW - it's a pleasure to be an inspiration and I have been an avid reader of Spiky Rat Pack since I discovered it. Keep up the great work! Love the face paint in your pic too! Xx ToE

  2. Thank you!
    Your blog truly inspires me! I constantly find all those cool things from there. Dark Imagery, Retro-stuff, The list goes on...
    + i get good vibes from it!
    You can see that the face paint is also very "Death's Head" inspired ;)
    It was done by my friend, always beautiful and always talented Aino Sipilä!