Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sound of Death

Hello there!

I talked with J.B few days ago through e-mail. Perhaps surprisingly we didn't talked about miniatures that much. Instead we talked about music...electronic music to be specific, as we both are very big fans of that style of music. I been now listening some cool music that John recommended to me...and then i started to think...

I'v had this idea about Vampire babes before..but it didn't sound original enough...but instead, inspired by our conversations and the music i'v been into...i came up with this cool idea...

They are Twins, two hot chicks that kill you with they lethal sound!

I named them Synthia & Screamya

Screamya plays her DethSynth on her sisters back, while Synthia holds the DethAmp and splits some ears!!

Very quickly made rough and gritty sketch....

The idea is to make two individual models that work together but also by themselves.

I will further develope this concept, so this is good place to tell me how you like them or if you have some ideas=)

i'm all ears- okkiW


  1. Great idea! Maybe they should be deaf themselves?
    In the sketch they look quite gagaish, esp Synthia.

    (I'm kinda waiting for izeColt to announce a Noise Marine squad for his Emperor's Children.)

  2. Very interesting project indeed! I think Screamya would work better if she played the DethSynth with one hand only and her other hand would be free for weapon. This way she'd look much more natural when displayed alone.

  3. Luovahulluus: Noise Marine squad is coming, but not any day soon. I've got my hands full of other stuff to do, eg. big Gaga, Plague Marines (yeah, I thought to "spice up" my pure Emperor's Children army with these Astartes after reading the 4th Horus Heresy novel) and one secret project...

  4. Absolutely!
    This was just a simple sketch to give my idea a simple form...more will follow...