Sunday, September 02, 2012


A few days ago I found myself sifting through the last month's White Dwarf and paused for a good moment when John Blanche's always wonderful Blanchitsu popped in to my sight. In his article John introduced some of the finest conversion made out of Games Workshop's infamous chubby Nurgle Chaos Champion.

While I was admiring the fine job others had done with their conversion, the temptation of making one of my own grew bigger and bigger. I simply couldn't resist it anymore. I had to grab my pencils and start sketching the next character for the Punk Moth scenario...

Only add colour...

Sketching chubby.

I visioned that my Chaos Champion conversion would be carrying a huge MG-42 style machinegun, but with a curved side clip instead of a ammochain. The bloke will be wielding the gun with an agile, lightly moving pneumatic arm that is much longer and stronger than a normal limb. The arm is integrated to the gun's barrel. It is like the gun and the arm are one piece. I would love to make a short animation of this piece alone to show you how I imaginated the thing could be moving. Well, like I had time for that...

The drawing will be painted with the same style as the previous ones have been done, using watercolours, inks and acrylics. This time I used much more time on the actual inking, so it will be interesting to see what kind of an effect this will have to the final result.

Yeah, I know. I should be working on with the Caterpillar stage of the Punk Moth, but I think I can let that juice stay for a while and take a little break from the scenery building.


  1. ha ha ha ...succumb to papa..

    wish i could join you in your conversions mayhem.. sadly i am too busy with the board to consider any mini work for the moment..

    great sketch mate..sure to be another legend to add to the group..

  2. This is just so good!
    I'l bet the finished miniature will be one of the best conversions made out of that Nurgle Lord ;)

  3. Fantastic concept. I hope you find time to bring it into 3D life.

  4. Being quite partial to that article I am really excited to see where this is going. The drawing looks so good and different to the rest...bit like JRN's floaty bloke being a total curve ball.

    I really like the weedy little arm.

    What donor head do you have in mind for him?


  5. Thanks guys!

    Peter, I have couple of candidates for the head. There's one from the Empire Flagellant sprue and one from Chaos Marauder Horsemen.