Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pherion WIP - The Hunter

"Not even a thousand seals of protection could save a warrior, if he lacks the true faith 
- Inquisitor Pherion of Mars

What a nice project!
Creating the Inquisitor for my warband turned out to be very difficult task.
I knew I needed very strong character with powerful looks, but without to go into too "traditional armoured look. I wanted Pherion to be strong but also fragile at the same time.
There was some discussion that Kari would design the Inquisitor for me, but unfortunately those plans did not work out eventually. It was only after I came up with the story of this really ancient character that would roam the galaxies to hunt down the enemies of the mankind. I was able to visualize Pherion and came out with the original sketch.

Personally I am very satisfied about how the purity seals came out. I was able to do some very cool detailing, like the inquisitional markings  and skulls. It was nice to realize that how much could be done sculpting wise, even when there was so many GW parts involved. I had to go very subtle, to be able to make my additions to match the pro-level GW sculpting.

Why did I ended up using GW parts for my Inquisitor, while the rest of the Warband is completely scratchbuilt? I wanted to try converting again and Kari has come up with such a amazing conversions that I had to give it a go! Also, I wanted to respect Games Workshop by using official parts.. After all, Inquisitor is GW game;)


  1. Truly eyegasmic sir! Your work is inspirational!

  2. Beauty has been frozen in a moment of time. Your work leaves me in awe and has turned me into a green eyed monster.

  3. Good lord, those seals are wonderfully done. This chap will look splendid on the tabletop for sure.

  4. Ahoy Rats! I demand that you start painting this fantastic plastic dude immediately! ;)

    Keep up the good work, your blog really makes this hobby more interesting and versatile.