Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hagard & The Færwyrd, Concept Finished

Meet Hagard...

Hagard & The Færwyrd (water colours, acrylics and inks)

Hagard fought his brutal wars on the same savage planet that Mutie Kul did his biddings. Hagard's grotesque and cruel heavy machinegun Færwyrd sows terror amongst his foes, ripping them to pieces with high caliber rounds and fast fire rate.

Once again Inquisitor Cassar has found another deadly tool for his entourage...


  1. So excited to see this as a model in the retinue. Really frikken cool.

  2. ... Amazing work again, looking foward to see this as a model .)

    1. What brand of pens you are using to draw?

  3. Thanks Blot! I use Sakura Micron 005 pencils as they make fairly thin line (0,20 mm) and are quite cheap. After all, in most cases it's one pen per concept as my working habits aren't that pen-head-friendly. They're also waterproof and fadeproof...