Sunday, September 02, 2012

Pherion WIP - Posin'

I really liked the Kari's idea of Pherion sensing danger near by.
Instead reaching for the pommel of his sword I wanted to make it look like he is ready to draw his sword (you know, old western movie style!). Also changed the heads direction to create illusion of averseness.

Damn this converting is fast and fun!


  1. Love the head's adjustment! makes him look slightly "unhinged" and paranoid.

  2. Fantastic pose and great start. Will keep my eye on this project!

  3. Thank you very much! I hope you both do that;)

  4. great pose .. he looks like he has just been spooked ..

    great way of adding palpable paranoia to 40k..

  5. Thanks! I love dynamic poses in miniatures. In Punk Moth it creates interesting contrast between the more static poses, that Kari has chosen for his characters.