Monday, April 29, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Living Coffin

"When a great psyker dies in a battle and the bell of lost souls is tolled on Terra, the soul of the fallen psyker is returned to the immortal Emperor.

However, every hundred years or so, or when the need is dire, that soul is returned back to the earthly husk of the fallen hero.

When that forbidden ritual is completed the mummified body becomes a vessel for the binded soul. That ancient relic is then used to serve the Emperor in the battlefield once more.

These carrions are sometimes mounted to control terrifying beasts created by Adeptus Terra"

5   3     3   5  5 3  3 2 10

Bound Soul - The link between the bound husk and the beast is temperamental. Roll a D6 at the beginning of each turn and on a 1. the beast will stand still doing nothing that turn - A single lightening bolt will shoot out from the Living Coffin in a random direction hitting anything in its path. 2. Move at full speed in a random direction. 3-6 acts normally.

Power Field - Psychic Test - Range - personal - User receives a 3+ invulnerable save.

Lightening Arc - Psychic Test - Range 16" - D4 Strength D6 shots -  roll to hit and wound as normal.

Immune to Psychology - except those with the Pariah gene which cause it Terror.

Never Pinned

+ To be kept in secresy until April under the supervision of Adeptus Terra +

Tears of Isstvan

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stryderre, Stalker In The Shadows

+ Stryderre +

Once a young man,
eager to serve
mankind with purpose,
enlist he did.
In proud he gave his vow
to die for the Emperor
or live in shame.

On a rebellious planet
summoned he was,
to do his bidding,
the first of them all.

Brothers of blood on his side,
armed with sword with biting teeth,
he landed down in a metal flying beast,
rushed to front with bloodlust
and wanted to feast.

Follow his orders he did.
Killed hundreds,
mangled without hesitation.
Swallowing every scream,
until there was no more left to slay.

Horrors he did,
filled his deed.
But scars very deep
It did bit.

Nightmares made him ill.
Cold sweat tearing his skin.
Insanity came, wanting to fill.
Murder he did, killed all of his kin.

He took their heads,
heard them whisper.
Tried to mute them,
sew their mouths and eyes,
but their dark thoughts
would not stop poisoning his mind.

Years passed,
thousands of them.
Nights became endless,
darkness over washed.

No longer young nor man,
he wanders between realms,
hunting careless,
Using shadow as his hide.

With blood he has to feed
his splintered soul
filled with murder and greed.
Mother, he is still there,
amusing your insatiable hunger
that can never be met
by satisfaction...


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Friday, April 05, 2013

Crazy Mongolian Hunting Eagles

Here's a cool and evocative video about Mongolians hunting wolves(!) with eagles. I've seen trained hawks hunt rabbits and rodents but the idea of eagles hunting such predators like wolves felt pretty surreal concept... Well, after seeing this video my skin had goose bumps.

The video is macabre, primitive in a way but very inspiring...