Monday, May 19, 2014

Death Guard March

I've gone back to my old Chaos Space Marine project. My first intention was to build a solid 1000 to 1500 points playable army of Emperor's Children, but after finishing the fifth book of the Horus Heresy series, I wanted to mix things a little and decided to expand the army to Death Guard.

I had bought the set of Plague Marines way back, but never got the spark to start with them... until recently. Our little circle of like-minded talented hobbyists put together a small playful painting challenge, where each would have to paint a miniature of their choice within three hours. So I chose to paint one of the Plague Marines, as I had a very clear vision of the colour scheme I would use for it; dirty and weathered white armour, rusty trims and patinated copper, sickly gray skin and bright orange as contrast.

The outcome of the challenge was very promising, considering the time used for one single figure. It was nice change to my routines too, as I've used to spend hours and hours with my previous miniatures. Full of hobby spirit I decided that I would put my Chaos Space Marine project back on track and paint the rest of the seven Plague Marines with the same technique and colour scheme.

Now here's the first four members of the Death Guard, marching on the ruins of some long forgotten battleground, searching for something to stab with their infectious blades...

Death Guard, 4/7

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thorwarg Ironmane

"Like iron is forged to steel, so has our brotherhood been forged in the fires of the battlefields. We paid the ultimate prize in the hands of those Tyrannid scum but we survived  and the brotherhood will never break. Together we will avenge the death of our forebeards and make our ancestors proud!"

So here comes the revered force commander Thorwarg Ironmane. He was the high commander of  the League of Emberg. Emberg  was one of the smallest  of the Squat Leagues closest to the Eye of Terror and included only four strongholds. When the Splinter fleet  destroyed the Squat home worlds Thorwarg and his brothers had gone to war and were drifting through the warp when the tragedy happened. Warned by his spiritual ancestors, Thorwag quickly steered his ships back home to aid his brothers but Warp currents delayed Thorwarg's fleet and when they finally got there it was too late. Now Thorwarg and his fighting brotherhood are roaming around the galaxy to seek their vengeage!  

Squats beign so stunty and all, I decided to give him a battle shield to go to war. For the obvious fact that the shield and it's carriers can, at some situations be too much for gaming purposes, I added magnets to allow him to be mounted either on the shield or just regular gaming base for those drop pod assaults missions etc.

"Forged in fire, forged in death, We march to war, Hammers will rise and heads will fall, when we go to war, Red dawn is rising, the brotherhood of steel…" 
Old Squat battle hymn 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Fistful of Arcos

JB sent me a photo of the whole lot of Arco Evisorators a few days ago, accompanied by scary machine servant Magos done by JB himself. It was the first time for me to see them all together. I must admit, they do look pretty damn awesome when striding forward together.

What a merry bunch of butchers.