Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sector Primed

I've been off-radar for the past couple of weeks. It is the Punk Moth's Caterpillar phase that has been keeping me busy lately. I've been building ruins, bunkers and garbage like a rabid squirrel, getting this project back on track.

While building the scenery I got some neat ideas how to spice up the terrain with little details, giving it some more depth to the surrounding that where Cassar and Pherion will have their confrontation. Here's the primed sector at the moment...

Lonely AA-turret guards the sky silently...

Courthouse's front wall is filled with notes, appeals, notices etc.

"Deep behind the frontline stands an abandoned guardspost. There lies secrets within these ruins..."

Mikko will be bringing his entry to the scenery - a crazy cool loading platform - next weekend to our hometown, where we'll hopefully be able to sit down, catch up and share our latest ideas and visions, regarding both Punk Moth project and our solo projects. I will then get that piece back home, prime it and start to ponder what will the colours of this planet be like...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Femmes Imperum - The Beauty In Decay WIP

Yet another one rises!

The second character for the Femmes Imperum. Loosely based on unpublished John Blanche painting representing something that appears to be a female plaguebearer.

Unfortunately I can't show the original painting that inspired me to build this character. John politely asked me not to. He told me that the painting is part of the new body of work from him. Hopefully it is something that will eventually get published somewhere.

Very much WIP here. I think I will create all the Femmes ready before I start to paint them...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Femmes Imperum

Sometimes you get lost by accident, sometimes intentionally. The latter happened to me. I wanted to find new path after creating whole bunch of Inquisitor miniatures. I searched for new direction to go, something where I could create series of miniatures without too restricted theme around them. I created Bathoriia, daemonic entity based around John Blanche painting. She showed me a new path. A path where I could study the miniatures in wider perspective.

Femmes Imperum concept was born. Series of fierce female characters from both Warhammer & WH40k universes. Here I could create wide variety of different miniatures from varying backgrounds but whose would still be tied together by much more loose theme being all female. I told my idea to the main inspirator himself and John gave me very encouraging feedback from it. Being so kind, he even provided me with some very inspiring material to feed my creativity.

Femmes Imperum is project where I will study the aesthetics of beauty in all of its forms in Warhammer & WH40k setting using John's amazing illustrations as basis for the characters.

Bathoriia was just the beginning, now prepare yourselves for some serious madness...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Death Walks On Stilettos part III

Here she is, in all of her Daemonic glory! 

She was a true challenge, I had to pose and re-pose her many times before I was happy with the result. Getting the pose to look good in every direction was daunting task (& same goes for almost every single detail on her) Damn those Femmes are hard to deal with;)! But Im happy with the outcome and she is easily the best piece of conversion work I have done so far, so I hope you like her too.

Antennas? No, microscopic servoskulls ;)

For what should I call her John?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Death of okkiW

Today I decided to abandon my moniker okkiW. I realized that my hobby has chanced to mean something bigger than just activity to fill my spare time. It has developed into a way to express my creative power. I now consider it simply as ART.

I felt that I needed okkiW in the past to hide my identity and to be my "hobby me" but all that started to feel little to schizophrenic ;) For now on I want to do my art simply as Mikko.

I also made it easier for you guys too. I figured it is easier for you to follow the ramblings of a person with a real name rather than some silly alias =) (ever been in situations, where you receive emails from fellow bloggers with monikers but whom are using their real names when emailing... confusing? )

All this could seem like a small thing but it is very important to me. With this chance I want to appear more honest and true to YOU all.



Still no less Spiky Rat...

- Mikko

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Death Walks On Stilettos part II

Trying to get the feminine lines just right here. (Damn it's hard) Thanks Fulgrim for pointing me towards that wonderful Dark Elf Sorceress kit! that hair section is just perfect for this project=) 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Marines of Mayhem - The Red Corsairs Illustrations

I managed to finish the rest of the illustrations for my Red Corsairs project. Here they be...

Renegade Adeptus Astartes Red Corsairs II
(black ink pencil and white acrylic on white cardboard)

This chap is pretty generic Chaos Space Marine with all the spikes, trophy skulls and grotesque helmet. But as always, I wanted to add at least one reference to pirates... "X" marks the spot, eh? My favourite part is the Xenos skull that has been rammed thru the barrel. It gives a nice barbaric touch to the customized boltgun and makes it just a little bit more fearsome weapon of destruction.

Once again my main goal was to draw space pirate marines with hulking armours, whose god-like personalities would fill the whole paper, literally. I actually had to extend my paper with tape and another piece of paper to be able to fit these monsters on my drawing area. I know, bad conceptualization and even worse planning.
Renegade Adeptus Astartes Red Corsairs III
(black ink pencil and white acrylic on white cardboard)

Here's the third and final brutal renegade illustrated for my Red Corsairs project. The pose is once again very stiff and proud – I might try out something a bit more mobile next time, maybe even an action packed battle scene. The off-chopped heads, wide chaotic blade, ancient pistol and long, dark hair give a nice regressive, barbaric impact. Some of you might recognize where the sword has been taken from ;)

Conan the Barbarian flick from the 80's worked as my main inspiration for the all three Red Corsair concepts. I tried to saturate the Corsairs with the same fearsome character that Thulsa Doom and Co. had in the movie. Just check out the scene where James Earl Jones gets off from his ride, takes off his helmet to beheads Conan's mother, and you know what I mean.

These drawings will again work as my guidance and inspiration through the conversion and painting sessions that I will be having somewhere in the future. Like with their predecessor's case, Ragal Gair, I won't be tied to follow the exact path but have pretty much free will to take ideas from here to there.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Death walks on Stilettos


Still remember me?

Feels like it's ages ago since I have posted anything on Spikey! Once I returned from Cuba and the sunny Carribean beaches I decided that I wanted to come back with a bang. (especially after seeing what Kari has been doing since I was away;)

I remember when I first saw John Blanche's Femme Militant range, it was love at the first sight I tell you that ;)  In the past, I have tried to emulate that style few times (Captain Gaga) but never really got it right.

This time I really wanted to succeed in emulating that style and mood of those Femme's. For the inspiration I managed to dig this image from Tears of Envy's wonderful blog. John has once again created strong character that almost screams for someone to make miniature out of her!

This is the look Im going for...
(see how the silhouette forms "S" the S stands for Serpent ;)

It's a conversion using parts from the Dark Elf Wytches, Crypt Ghouls and Daemonettes sprues. There will also be hell of a lot sculpting to do also. Im now at the blue-tagging phase and many things may still change (I want to get the pose just right). But Im super exited about this at the moment!!!