Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Henchman, WIP I

The rascal got a wachy hair now, along with furry loin cloth, ragged shirt and some extra grenades. I'm thinking of either modding the Slaanesh symbol to represent =I= symbol and adding the character to my Inquisitor band, or starting an underground Slaaneshi INQ28/Confrontation gang... Which one do you think would be more interesting?

- Kari

Monday, December 02, 2013

Not Quite What I Was Looking For...

While searching bits for my next commission, I ended up putting together this roach back shooter with a bulky bolt pistol. I think I'll work on with this as my side projects while gathering inspiration for my next challenge. Still need to work with the GS, add funky hair, loin cloth and some stuff on the back...

- Kari

Monday, November 25, 2013

Arco Evisorators IV-IX

Arco Evisorator, running, striding, maiming – a fierce, trembling vision, that is. Here are six of them, feeding their blades with flesh and blood, rushing with hunger for death in their cold empty eyes, murdering for the sins of their Mother.

Like the previous pair of Arcos, this pack was a commission work too. I really like doing these things as they are fun to put together and paint, and provide just enough challenge for my sculpting skills. I wanted the flock to have a sence of violent movement, so I made them look like if they had only one mission in their minds; murder and maim their foes. You be the judge if I made it or not ;)

The bases were once again made by John Blanche. The vibrant reds and oranges are very different to what you usually see in bases, but I think they work very nicely in these and really pop the minis out. Oh, and the crackling effect is just pure awesomeness!

What's next? The tale of the Arcos is still unfinished and I will be creating another creature to accompany these things. Then there's a commission Inquisitor that will follow and some wicked ideas what comes to my personal projects... busy times ahead.

- Kari

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Half a Dozen New Evisorators

The times have been quite hectic in the northern nests. I bought a house about two months ago and all the moving and settling down has made my life quite a hassle.

Despite the chaos, I've been able to put my studio up and running, though it is still a pretty rough version of my great vision. I'm currently working with the new lot of Evisorators, six new menaces to be exact...

Believe me or not, this is the biggest bunch of minis that I've ever worked with at the same go. It's all new to me as I've used to paint one mini at the time. This is interesting, challenging and educational process and it really feels like it's pushing my technique forward.

And here's a shot of my current workbench. I'm trying my best to keep everything neat and clean so that every time I have some spare time to give for the hobby I wouldn't have to start it by wasting the first fifteen minutes for cleaning. Minor detail but improves the effectiveness of the use of time.

There are three special pieces giving me company while I'm working over the workbench. When ever I raise my head to stretch my neck or have a though, I see these marvelous things in front of me and get this feel of impetuous push of inspiration that helps me put my best effort to what I'm doing.

- Kari

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Ghostly gust of wind filled the pitch black ceiling with moan-like sighing. Steady hum of the upper floor pumping machinery set the ambient voice in to heady vibrating pace. It sounded almost like if the old gods themselves were whispering their dark thoughts in choir, making the very soul of the listener thrill.

A small group of colourful characters flashed between shadows casted by tall pillars of dark, dusty hall of rock. The ancient sky-high valley of ruins kept the ceiling – along with the rest of the Hive – from falling over their head. They were deep in the Under Hive.

"Over there..." Spit hissed between his yellow teeth, gesturing to the direction of high wooden platform with his gunpoint. Micromechanics of his optical eyewear made quiet hissing noise when they zoomed and focused on the target. The rest of the group halted on their toes and sneaked next to the wall for cover.

Herman Slavo, also known as the Lord Little Bastard, waddled like a crippled penquin near Spit, and observed the advancing Spyrers. "Them fugging Whytes are already making their move. We've got to hurry our arses to keep it with the rest of the gangers," he said. "Vega, ye take the front while Spit holds the reer. Gasto, ye watch mi back," Herman growled commands with his strident voice.

The Whyte Spyrers advancing.

"Yes lord, but there's no much to watch," Gasto wisecracked. Others smirked but sucked it up as soon as Herman gave them a cold stare. "If yer dear uncle wasn't the Family's trusted advisor, I would have yer head served for Lord Voygar, on a rusty, shitty plate. So just fug it and do what ye are told to, wise-ass," Herman threw back at him. Gasto gave Herman a murderous look back, but kept his mouth shut.

The rotting board floor creaked underneath their feet as they advanced in formation. Vega took distance to the rest of the gang, leaping from shadow to shadow, covering their every move. Cold, fetid water dribbled down form high above, like if the ceiling was crying some sort of poisonous tears. The whole place made Herman feel sick.

"The rotting board floor creaked underneath their feet as they advanced in formation."

The closer they got to their destination, the more moist the environment got. Cracking noice wafted from afar as someone from other gang stepped on a bone lying on the ground. Clumsy Scavvies, Herman though. Suddenly the calm ambience was shattered by a shrieking gunfire pounding no further than half a click from their position. "Hyde!" yelled Vega.

The Wasps hit the shadows, crawling behind cover given by the sparse board platforms and junk fallen off the ceiling. From what it looked like, the Whyte Spyrers had confronted an enemy.

Vega gave a set of hand signals to Spit who acknowledged them and Instantly made his move to the stairs next to him. "Lock 'n load, lads, it's tyme to slash some slags!" Gasto yelled and started his grotesque chainsword with bold gesture.

"Move up there!" Herman yelled, pointing at the stairs leading to the upper platform. One by one they climbed up the stairs, covering each other while manouvering. "Fug!" Vega cursed when one of the fragile steps broke in half. He was able to keep his calm. The place was decomposing and falling apart.

While regruouping on top they saw the things.

Pale shapes flickered in the dark, advancing towards them with fierce, almost inhuman pace. They looked like the Under Hive ghosts, the ones they all had heard of in their younger age. But somehow they were more human – and scarier. One of the things ran straight towards them as they all opened fire at it. The pale thing dropped down like a sack of bones.

The "pale shapes" making their move towards their foe, the Wasps and the Whyte Spyrers.

In the twinkling of an eye the rest of the pale skinnies had disappeared, vanished like a dust in the wind. The Wasps stood on their steps, their gun muzzles breathing warm smoke that smelt like burned metal.

"Make sure it's dead," said Herman. Gasto threw the chainsword on his shoulder, started walking towards the thing and replied, "My pleasure..."

The pale thing dropped down like a sack of bones.

Gasto approached the downed pale thing with caution, aiming it with his laspistol just in case. It felt like eternity to get to the body, but eventually he made it. Gasto reached over the body and saw how the thing twitched and pushed dark fluid from the burned bullet holes that their lasguns had made. It definately looked like human, what he could tell. After studying the pale thing for a moment, Gasto made a sneering face and subtly kicked the thing to make sure it really was dead. In the corner of his eye he saw how the thing grinned.

The thing rose up nobly, like a corpse from its grave, and hissed between its teeth. Gasto jumped back and readied his chainsword, gasping in horror "Ye should be dead, THING! What the fug are ye?!" The thing replied by jumping right at the Wasp.

Chainblades clashed with fierce and spat searing sparks around. Gasto was able to block the first swing but he was at seriously disadvantaged position. He took aim with his laspistol, but just when he was about to press the trigger, the thing dodged him and made a furious manouver towards him. Gasto felt something hit his belly and then followed the paint.

The rest of the Wasps stared at the scene, helplessly trying to get an aim at the monstrosity. "Lord, we don't have a clear shot, Gasto is on the way!" Vega bawled while trying to aim at the thing. All of a sudden Gasto's beheaded body fell down on his knees and tobbled on the side. Blood squirted off the neck stub like from a fountain.

"Ye fugging basterd!" Spit yelled. He took a knife out of his boot and started running towards Gasto. "Nay Spit, nay!" Vega yelled, trying to stop Spit. But it was too late.

Spit ran towards the scene, but only found Gasto's remains. "Wh-where d-did it go?!" he stammered words out of his mouth while gasping for air. For a while his eyes wondered around and saw stairs running on the upper platforms. He ran towards them, put the knife between his teeth and started climbing up the stairs.

"Wh-where d-did it go?!"

It only took a moment for him to reach the upper platform. Spit took the blade out of his mouth and raised his head to have a better view. The fright made his heart miss a beat when he saw her...

"Spit!" Vega tried to call in his friend, but didn't get an answer. They waited for a moment, but nothing happened. It seemed like if Spit had been eaten by the shadows.

The silence was killed by the gun fire that came from their left flank, and very close too. Herman and Vega ran towards the edge of the platform to have a better view of what was happening. It seemed like the Tech Gangers and the Spook Brats had also met the foe. "The hell has gotten loose," Herman whispered.

Vega didn't have time for whispers. He had taken aim at the crawling Scavvies on the opposite side of the immense chasm and shot a short burst. The burst was a good one too, downing one of the gray skinned maggots. The rotten floor feasted with the blood running out of the Scavvy.

Tech Clan XXXVIII facing the Scavvies.
Vega sniping one of the Scavvies from the other side of the immense chasm.

"Down there!" Herman yelled and pointed on the lower rotten platform. A dim shape of rat-like thing, the size of a man, scrampered towards the Brats. Vega made a swift move from his latest victim, gave a short aim at the ratperson and fired another burst. Bullets bit the head of the ratling and blew it in to a small cloud of red blood. Vega's face didn't flinch an inch.

The Psykout Spook Brats' confrontation with the rats kin.

The succesful sniping had its toll. The foe had spotted them and the attention they gave back was lethal. Thunderous rapid fire bit the surroundings, rounds ricocheting around them. The high caliber rounds ate chunks of wood and rock around them. Herman hit the floor and yelling to Vega, trying to get him to get cover too, but for Vega it was already too late.

The heavy weapon that had targeted them made a brutal mess out of Vega. Bullets pierced his flesh in a savage way, detonating inside of his body and turned it in to an enormous cloud of blood. The only thing left behind were the bright yellow shoes – and they weren't that bright anymore.

Vega's last stand.

Herman yelled in shock. His whole team had been wiped. He was covered in blood and guts of one of his friends. He lied on the ground, motionless, and saw how the rest of gangs fought their desperate battles to the last man. The hell was loose for sure.

Then he saw it again, the pale skinned butcher that had chopped Gasto's head off. He saw how the thing came closer and closer to him. It can't see me, Herman thought.

Something horrific was dangling on the back of the thing. Herman focused his thought and it came clear to him what the saggy piece was. The thing had Gasto's head hanging from its hair like sort of sick trophy. That vision made Herman's blood boil. Rage rushed to surface tearing the panic apart. The whites of his eyes turned in red from the bursting blood veins. Herman unsheathed his knife, sprang up and ran toward the thing, yelling with his mouth wide open and eyes full of tears...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mission Parameters for Step I

True Scale Ultramarine Force

Step I

++ Build enough Space Marines for a small reconnaissance force ++

Space Marine Captain
Space Marine Chaplain
(accompanied with small entourage of chapter thralls)

Space Marine tactical squad (+ dedicated Rhino APC )
Space Marine Scout Squad

++ Execution ++

Tactical Marines are built using Terminator legs combined with Space Marine parts.

Scouts are built using combination of Scout sprue & FB Chaos Marauder legs

++ Inspiration ++

This image REALLY has it all. It will serve as inspirational compass for this journey.

++ Beyond ++

Step II could include a venerable battle brother blessed with Dreadnought armour (dreadnought + dread knight kits) and maybe a small squad of veteran brothers armed with suits of the much feared tactical dreadnought armours (Terminator + Centurion kits)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ultra Cool WIP

Despite the fact that I have lately been overtiming like a dog at work, I still managed to find the energy to go through my limited bits box to search some parts for test marine.
Maybe the gods of green stuff were happy with this because I found pair of terminator legs that I thought I had lost long time ago!

The conversion was simple a hell - Terminator legs + marine arms,head and torso with smoothed shoulder plates... simple as that. The result is Marine that looks like a regular space marine, only bit taller and bulkier - perfect!

Im planning to keep the tactical marines quite plain in detail, while going over the top with Chaplains and other Special characters later on. 

What do yo think?

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Call To Arms & The Rise Of The Ultramar!

Like tide it emerges from the back of my brain in time to time. I have learned how to ignore it but every now and then it gets impossible resist. Im talking about the army building syndrome here. The unbearable urge to start a new army project.

After the amazing trip to Nottingham last month I felt somewhat exshausted of all this hobby hype. I really started thinking what to do next. I wanted to find that excitement again. You know that feeling that we had when we first started to collect our first armies? The very meaning of this hobby - Building your own fighting force.

I have spinned this idea of army building every now and then, but I have always found it extremely difficult to decide which army to choose and then there is that tedious task of painting also.. so I have always dropped the whole thing.

Something happened last weekend - Maybe it was the beautiful army that Miggs had just recently displayed in his blog or maybe it was my visit to the local GW store in Helsinki and its fantastic store manager Krister (great bloke who's work I should share with you guys in some point) a regular visit left me leaving the store with the new Codex Space Marines.

Then all of a sudden it was crystal clear - I was to build a Space Marine Force!

To make things interesting I wanted to challenge myself a little bit... I decided to choose the most popular chapter (and the most boring in the same time) the Ultramarines.

The "Vanilla Marines" who always do everything by the book and always be the good guys. In a way I have always felt that the image has been drifting too far from where it should be.

I want to create small Space Marine force and use my creativity to make them look totally badass and totally grim&dark 40k.

Im not going to choose the Truescale route but I'l consider using lots of Forge stuff instead. Colour wise I was thinking something like this so kind a pale tones, not as pale as Miggs has done but close anyway;)

I also managed to challenge Kari to do something similar with me! So I guess we both gonna build armies, and who knows maybe we get to fight each other with them in some day =)

In fact, Im also throwing an open challenge to our wonderful "blogsphere" to answer this call to arms. We could all build our own armies and then, who know maybe even play a small tournament in WH world, say in time of the 7th edition of our beloved 40k? ;) (that time limit would probably leave us with enough time to finish this huge task)

If any of you have good ideas and suggestions for cool Ultramarine parts from GW please feel free to leave a hint in the comments section ;)

"We follow the footsteps of Guilliman. As it is written in the Codex, so shall it be"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Commission Work: Arco Evisorators

John Blanche commissioned me to make couple of Stryderre-kind arco ghouls (Or Arco Evisorators as John calls them) for him. I tried my best to catch the feeling of the original, but wanted to add something special in them, something that is usually pretty absent in my work - movement; after all, these "striders" are murderous fast sons-of-bitches.

I think I managed to pull them out pretty well. The bases were sent to me by the man himself, so the credit for those goes to him. They were painted in orange ink and layered with a nice coat of crackling varnish. Really neat idea which I'll definitely loan in some of my future projects.

With this post I'd like to tell you that I'm now OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. Yep, that's right. I've been pondering this for quite some time now and believe that this is just what I'll be needing to expand my hobby experience to another level - Creating beautiful and soulful miniatures and letting them go to those who appreciate my style and creativity. So, people, please drop me an email if you're interested. Cheers!

But where the hell is that post about the last weekend?! Rest assured, we'll be writing a summary from our last weekend trip to Nottingham, England, at some point. I believe we both are still recovering from the amazing trip we had. There are plenty of pics to share too!

- Kari

Friday, September 06, 2013

Calling All Passengers

The Spikey boys have packed their backpacks with their favourite miniatures and are ready to hit the airport. It's time to play some Confromunda. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Confrontation 40.000 - The Wasps

I guess it's time for me to finally lift the lid of my Confrontation 40k project and show you what I've been up to. So without longer introductions, here's my Confrontation 40k gang, "the Wasps" as I call them, ready to sneak down to the Underhive to do their bidding in the cunning plot.

+ Confrontation 40k - The Wasps +

"What plot?" I hear you asking. Well, lets just keep that as a secret for another week, shall we? I know, that's pretty cruel of me, but I'm not able to reveal any details about the journey that'll happen the next weekend. Not just at the moment. It will all be revealed in time, that I can promise to you...

About the gang. I won't go into any details about their background, names or anything like that. To tell you the truth, even I don't know those things yet. All I know is that the midget is the tyrant leader of the mob and the rest of the gangers are his bodyguards. The gang's signs are the red spot colour in their splashy hairs and bright yellow clothes with black diamond patterns. The bright colours act as a deterrent, telling their foes who they are fighting against.

The members of this lot carry lasguns, laspistols, autoguns, frags, smokes, chainswords and knives for cutting fingers off from those poor bastards who've been unable to pay their depts.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Road To Underhive Part IX

Here they are, Patrol # 707 ready to halt any gang revolt at their sector!!!

The "Brute" Riot Ogryn

 "Bane" Enforcer

 "Babe" Enforcer

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Road To Underhive Part VIII

Really close now...

Too busy to actually write anything about the process,,, May the pictures do the talking for me ;)
I'll try to write something once I get these fellas done.