Saturday, September 14, 2013

Commission Work: Arco Evisorators

John Blanche commissioned me to make couple of Stryderre-kind arco ghouls (Or Arco Evisorators as John calls them) for him. I tried my best to catch the feeling of the original, but wanted to add something special in them, something that is usually pretty absent in my work - movement; after all, these "striders" are murderous fast sons-of-bitches.

I think I managed to pull them out pretty well. The bases were sent to me by the man himself, so the credit for those goes to him. They were painted in orange ink and layered with a nice coat of crackling varnish. Really neat idea which I'll definitely loan in some of my future projects.

With this post I'd like to tell you that I'm now OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. Yep, that's right. I've been pondering this for quite some time now and believe that this is just what I'll be needing to expand my hobby experience to another level - Creating beautiful and soulful miniatures and letting them go to those who appreciate my style and creativity. So, people, please drop me an email if you're interested. Cheers!

But where the hell is that post about the last weekend?! Rest assured, we'll be writing a summary from our last weekend trip to Nottingham, England, at some point. I believe we both are still recovering from the amazing trip we had. There are plenty of pics to share too!

- Kari


  1. These guys look pretty fantastic! The capture the same spirit as the original, but have their own unique qualities. I particularly like the first, he reminds me of some bestial vampire, deranged and mercurial.

    Glad to hear you are entering into the world of commissions, I am sure it will challenge you with all manner of exciting things!

  2. They are, as stated elsewhere, simply stunning. The faces... The sense of movement... The details like the head-on-a-hook... Dammit you're good!!

  3. Wow.Fantastic work as always. Very inspiring. Love that basing method.
    What heads are you using for those?

  4. Wow, where to start...

    To be commissioned by JB himself is certainly truly something else. Congratulations, mate! Although I can perfectly understand John: Like I said on the Ammobunker, these are possibly your finest work to date, in my opinion! Stryderre was my favourite model for the secret Yggdrassillium project, and if anything, the new guys improve on that formula. Truly stunning work!

    I would also love to hear where the heads are from, especially on the left guy!

    And I am reasonably certain you'll be swamped in work in no-time. Pandora's box is now open ;)

    Thanks for sharing! Terrific stuff!

  5. Thank you for your encouraging words Godwyn Fisching, Jeff Vader, Talasa Prime and KrautScientist!

    The both of the heads - or more precisely, faces - are from Corpse Cart kit. There's three different kind of face to choose from for the driver. They all look very murky and skinny and therefore were perfect for characters such as the Arco Evisorators. The only minor problem is you have to sculpt the rest of the head along with ears by yourself.

  6. Just microbs in compare with push up again yet your level !!!!

  7. Wow reallllllly cool! I love the skin, but the conversions are great too!

    How did you paint that with skin?

  8. Super cool, and a great tip about the crackling varnish! This might improve my bases by bounds!

  9. Nice ones. Especially when studied irl.