Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rifleman WIP III

Here's a quick overview of the current status of Rifleman.

Please don't mind the gap between his right hand and arm, it'll be sealed with the green stuff after I've painted the rifle. His hands will be covered in dry blood. Also, the rifle's sides will be decorated with bold Latin slogans, something that'll rhyme with death and sorrow (thanks phiq for the idea!).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Digital Visions A New Era?

Sometimes people come to the point in their lives where change in inevitable. I feel that I'm in that situation right now in my life. Maybe it's the spring doing it's tricks or maybe it's just me.

Anyway right now Im feeling big change closing me. Not sure what that change will be, maybe nothing really big won't even happen but I have many plans for the future. One of them, that I like to show you right now are my new adventures in the world of digital sculpting. New challenges and adventures wait me there and I feel very excited about it! I got myself a new MacBook and downloaded freeware program called Sculptris.

Sculptris is wonderful program from Pixologic that is similar to it's more professional big brother zBrush. Easy to use and simply a lot of fun! I would happily recommend this for anyone interested in 3d modeling.  Like you saw from my last post, I use Wacom tablet with this program and it has proven to be very intuitive and effective tool for sculpting. I have lot to learn but I already feel that this is something I like to use more in my future projects (Bile anyone?) Ok so let's see what I have created here. This is my FIRST sculpt with Sculptris, clumsy, and hasty but I just wanted to test if I could create full figure sculpt with this program. But here it is! Meet the Mutant!

Then Photoshopped version with little colour added:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rifleman WIP II

Almost there! Still need to add some finishing touches before priming. After that, it's time for another intensive painting session...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rifleman WIP

Here's some work-in-progress shots from the Rifleman. I decided to realign his pose and made it look more like he'd actually be in the middle of action rather than just carrying his rifle at rest on his shoulder, as seen in the drawing...

There's still some detailing to do along with the shoes. The rifle also needs some heavy modding, maybe a Winchester style reloading mechanism and some hi-tech components for sighting. The grunt is also faithfully carrying Code of the Inquisitorial Process, part MXXVII / chapter IX, on a carrying strap next to some hand grenades and small pouches.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skull Hopperre

Hop hop hop...

+ Skull Hopperre +


"Go ond fecce!"

So there's the crazy couple, hunting their prays in the dark corners of the grim universe. I'm pretty pleased how the hopper works together with Kul. Especially notable link is hopper's back plate armour, which is quite similar to Mutie's armoured shoe...

Number six in hopper's banner comes from it being the sixta hopper under Kul's posses. I thought about making the banner look like a target but ended in choosing this option instead. Bullet holes are there though, like someone could actually resist and not to shoot at the fluttering piece of cloth jumping up and down in the ruins of an Imperial cathedral.

And finally, here's a sneak peak from my latest finding. I bought it yesterday and intend to make it as one of my focal point in my hobby. At the moment it's just standing there in the corner, taking space, but after we've moved to our new bigger apartment (yeah, moving, again, argh!) this thing will raise my creative horizon to new heights...

Onwards to new projects!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Faithfull Protector Of Mankind

While it seems that everyone's playing with their multipart kits nowadays, I thought that I too could give them a try for a chanche.

Very simple conversion. I wanted to try, if I could create very dynamic pose out of  classic space marine sprue.

So much fun, and fast!