Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sundays, bloody sundays...

For a brief moment, it looked like the beast was trying to flee.
Snarr saw his moment and leaped forwards, trying to stab the creature in the back.
Too late! did Snarr realized, that he had just stepped into trap.
The creature spinned over and slashed its deadly tail trough the air.
This quick motion knocked Snarr's head clean off.
Thump, thump,, thump,,, crack!
The sickening sound was heard by the rest, when the loose head bounced trough cracky ground.
"I told you to watch that damn tail!!!" roared the Captain

The snow in the ground was quickly getting crimson shade...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rodent On The Road

As Mikko told you in his previous entry, our joint project Rogan Rygaard got an invitation to CMON Annual 2010. We needed to send CMON staff some hi-quality photos taken from the dwarf but unfortunately the photos taken previousky for the CMON were, well, not that good quality.

After couple of phone calls we decided to take new photos from Rogan and send them to CMON. But there was a slight problem. Rogan is in Helsinki and me and my SLR are located in Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia, about 350 kilometers away. So we basically had only couple of options to go with; Mikko could send Rogan via post to me or I could go to Helsinki and we could take the photos at Mikko's place.

Sending such a precious piece via mail didn't really tempt either of us, so guess what, it was time for me to do some road tripping...


So it was last Friday that I ended up at the door of Mikko's flat in Helsinki with my camera and printed muslin background papers. After cathing up with Mikko we started to discuss about our current projects and what we had been working on with lately. In some point I ended up asking about Mikko's loyalist Space Marine army and how it had been going on. With a grin in his face Mikko came out from his hobby lair and showed me the latest project he had been working with...

Mikko's Imperial Guard, Steel Legion guardsmen...

And here's another group of five guardsmen, WIP.

With a silly look on my face I asked: "What the heck are these??". Mikko answered with an amusing tone in his voice "Well, you know those Space Marines that I told you that I was supposed to be working on with? Well, this is that project"...

Yeah, he got me and this time for good. I was in a belief that Mikko was working on some loyalist Space Marines to counter my Emperor's Children, but he had been pulling me all the way. He even told me some time ago that he had bought the Imperial Guards Codex "just for the amazing artwork and inspiration". Didn't ring any bells by then but now everything is coming in together. That cunning little rat!

To tell you the truth, I was positively surprised with this relevation. Mikko explained that the colour scheme took a major inspiration from the World War I German uniforms. These grunts will become a nice counterforce for my Emperor's Children project, that's for sure!

By the way, Mikko should write some sort of tutorial how he has been working on with these guys, as it looks like he is going to catch me up with a pretty fast pace. Airbrush and carefully thought painting strategy can save you a good while, that's for sure...

Personally I'm really looking forward to see the first squad of these ready!!!


Back to the main reason for my little trip to the South. Our new shots from Rogan did came out pretty well, now that I knew a little bit better how to handle my camera (mostly with the depth of view and colour tone).

Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch.

I never get tired off watching this thing. It's still one of my best paintjob, yet I know there are many things that I could have done better. Well, maybe our next project (Gaga, grhm) will show some progress in that field.


With our shooting spot up and coffee on the kettle warming up, I decided to check what Mikko's showcase kept inside. I couldn't resist to take couple of photos from one of Mikko's older figures, one of the most eye-cathing beast being Ork Deff Dread with couple of nice mods and ideas.

I really love this can! Those machine guns with their drum clips, rusty and well worn metals and all the wirings make this one of a kind masterpiece.


The day was turning to evening. You know the saying "time runs when you've a good time". It was time to pack my things and start my trip back to the North. Even though the meeting was brief and the trip was a bit exhausting, it was well worth it! We see each other too seldom, so it was refreshing to chat face to face with my dear hobby brother. Sometimes this hobby just feels like if we're just toiling all by ourselves with too little reward, like Mikko would say. Times like these give you the energy you need to continue your everlasting crafting.

Last but not least, here's a little sneak peak from our next joint project, "The Thing"...

Hmm, what might that be?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Future Rodents

"Spikey" has existed about half an year now...So what's next??

The Mini that started this all, Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch
has received invitation from CoolMiniOrNot-site, to take part in the CMON Annual '10
That's a great honour naturally...and for that reason, we want to make sure that it also gets picked into pages, when the new Annual is released.
izeColt is coming to Helsinki to take some new, High resolution photographs of the model.

I received word from Miika Bergdahl too. He begins molding The Captain soon...I will send the Mini to him later this let's see what happens=)

What else??
The Fimir project will start soon, i would also like to do some Pin-Up model, then maybe the Lemmikäinen in 32mm who knows...
Also izeColt has hes small Chaos Space Marine Warband getting bigger all the time!
Many interesting projects coming in the future...Spiky Rat Pack is going stronger than ever now!

Thanks to you all for your support! It is a never-ending source of inspiration!!!


Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Captain - Finished

Hello!...Whoa! its been a long time since last post!

Time to show some pictures right?

So here she is:

OK there she is....many imperfections, many things that i would like to redo
But this is how far i can push it at the moment..

Wow! i finally finished my first 32mm mini!!!

Next one WILL be so MUCH COOLER!!!!