Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Future Rodents

"Spikey" has existed about half an year now...So what's next??

The Mini that started this all, Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch
has received invitation from CoolMiniOrNot-site, to take part in the CMON Annual '10
That's a great honour naturally...and for that reason, we want to make sure that it also gets picked into pages, when the new Annual is released.
izeColt is coming to Helsinki to take some new, High resolution photographs of the model.

I received word from Miika Bergdahl too. He begins molding The Captain soon...I will send the Mini to him later this let's see what happens=)

What else??
The Fimir project will start soon, i would also like to do some Pin-Up model, then maybe the Lemmikäinen in 32mm who knows...
Also izeColt has hes small Chaos Space Marine Warband getting bigger all the time!
Many interesting projects coming in the future...Spiky Rat Pack is going stronger than ever now!

Thanks to you all for your support! It is a never-ending source of inspiration!!!



  1. Exciting stuff, congrats! I'll be keeping an eye out for the fimir project...

  2. Well done.

    Rogan is a fantastic looking miniature, most impressive :}

  3. Mikko, you forgot the big Gaga which is still very much WIP! It's waiting there for the right "grip"...

    Mikko has also told me that his loyalist Space Marine army is on his painting table and has got some tone already. I think Mikko should also bring some light to this project as I'm eagerly waiting for our first clash of companies. It's still a far shot but there it is, lying in the horizon...