Friday, January 24, 2014

Inquisitor on Page 72 – WIP

A while back I received an interesting commission proposal. A friend from the USA asked me if I was interested in creating an Inquisitor character for him based on an illustration decorating the Inquisitor game rulebook page 72.

I decided accept the commission and started planning the process. It took me a while to get a clear picture of how I'd put pieces together, but eventually I found the path. Here's where I'm with the project at the moment...

I tried to copy the essence of the character from the illustration in to 3D as well as possible. I also made some alterntions to make him look more like my own version – or vision. This kept the task both interesting and more creative.

There were some specific request from the commissioner for the task. One of the things he really wanted to be given for the character was the skull-in-a-box, the same kind of thing that Preacher Josef is carrying with him.

I've made some small adjustments to head wiring after I took these shots, making the forehead piece a bit less bulky. The robe was harder to carry out than I first had thought, but after second go I was able to pull it off. In the end, there's very little left of the original bits and pieces used to build the character.

Now that the weather in Finland isn't "that" cold anymore, I might be able to go outside and shoot some primer over him.

- Kari

Thursday, January 09, 2014

My Creativity Is... A Surfer?

I have (or maybe it was my wife who has) found out that my creative mood rides on waves. I've constantly felt this in a way but never really gave it any deeper thought, until lately.

When I started taking commissions, I noticed that, for time to time, it was really hard for me to keep my thoughts together and focus on the task in front of me. I felt lazy and unproductive. It had nothing to do with the projects that I worked with. I felt that I needed to hit the stones together a bit longer and harder to get the spark.

I've started to understand my mind a bit better while getting older. These seasons – the ones when I just feel like an empty and clean jar – are the tides when I either really need to push myself to do something creative or need to focus on something totally different, like go fishing.

But eventually I do find the spark.

These creativily melancholic tides are followed by the heaps when I just simply can't put my tools down and stop working. It feels great, like everything you do works instantly and looks superb, even after a good night sleep. The downside is that while on this mode, I rarely can think anything else than the projects that I'm involved in, until its finished. These are very difficult times for my family, as all I'd like to do is to get back to my cave and create something, anything.

The cycles do wary in length. Sometimes the mood stays for weeks, even months. Sometimes mere days. A good, long, productive heap season really gives you the boost and is even visible in your everyday life. Even the same coffee that you make every morning tastes better.

How is it with you? Do you have times when it is hard to grab the brush and start painting or are you in constant auto-fire mode, pushing out piece after piece of top grade stuff (like Jeff of Convertorum)?


I think I'm currently climbing towards the heap, my mind working all the time, creating possibilities and processing ideas – and when one idea pops in my mind, it generates a dozen new ones.

Now, I'm literally neck deep in miniature projects. I have a couple commissions under way, all of them coming along with sure steps. Then there are some random projects that just materialized in front of me while putting pieces together. That is one good sign of the creative mood hitting the upswing.

Here's one of the randoms that is currently waiting for priming. Yep, it's another Inquisitor, this time a Puritan of Ordo Hereticus...

+ Inquisitor Valon, Puritan, Ordo Hereticus +

Inquisitor Valon will be accompanied by another character, an Underhive tracker who I will reveal to you somewhere later this month... Maybe they will play a part in the Punk Moth campaign at some point, who knows.


I did mention the commissions, didn't I? Well, here's a sneak peak to one of them. This is a female Inquisitor of Ordo Xenos, high born and noble, very interesting project to work with...

Female Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos

All the details were given to me by the client. I started working out the idea of the Inquisitor on paper, thinking of which bits I would be using for her, sketching her out of my head while putting the pieces together.

This is my vision of her. We'll see how this thing will form out...

- Kari

Friday, January 03, 2014

Slaaneshi Cultist

Hopefully everybody had a peaceful Xmas and a jolly good New Year's eve. Now lets start the year 2014 with my latest finished miniature, Slaaneshi cultist.

For some reason I feel that he could use some detail pattern somewhere around his clothing, or maybe even something as bold as a gang tag on his fore head. Other than that, I'm pretty pleased how he came out. The base was pretty much inspired by the works of Migsula and JRN, maybe not that obviously but you can find the resemblances.

The colour scheme for this merry little gang will be apple greens and patinated bronze, along with fiery orange and red as complementary colours. The group will be portrayed as agile and cunning, with the taste of gluttony and lust. My plans are to add couple more skinny-like members, a chubby with a heavy weapon (noize gun maybe?), a standard/icon bearer and a priest of sort. We'll see how that will turn out...