Punk Moth

Spiky Rat Pack's Operation Punk Moth is about creating a perfect experience of INQ28 game. The project is divided in to four stages: creating playable, personally designed INQ28 gangs (the egg), building a perfect gaming board (the caterpillar), making an interesting and detailed scenario with strong narrative (the pupation) and finally, having a great time playing a game of INQ28 (the moth).

Phase I - The Egg

Inquisitor Cassar & The Inglorious Rogues Malus
by Kari Hernesniemi

Task Force Pherion
by Mikko Luoma

Phase II - The Caterpillar

The Monastery
by Kari Hernesniemi

Phase III - The Pupation


  1. Just sublime, its great to see these next to each other .. you can compare styles and see the connections quite clearly betwixt your art and your models Okkis, watercolour pallet and washed out muted tones next Ize's vibrant inks and sharp penmanship .. what a team ! and what a project!

  2. these are truly inspiring, going to make some of my own.
    Also, i would like to make a mini bust of one of the characters, Rifleman maybe.. would that be ok by you?
    if its not then that's cool i totally understand.

    1. Thank you, muppetman! It flatters to hear that you'd like to make a bust of one of the characters, though I would encourage you to create something of your own, maybe something original and special. I bet you've lot of ideas in your mind that just urge to be shaped out.

      Due all respect, don't take this the wrong way! I've seen your blog and I think you're good at what you do and getting better all the time! It is just that I'm pretty fond to these characters and I wish to be the one in control of what their appearances are and what'll their fate be.

      Please be more than free to be inspired of the things that we do. That is one of our mission, after all - to inspire our fellow hobbyists to reach their very limits and even go beyond!