Monday, January 19, 2015

Iron Sleet: John Blanche – The Voodoo Forest

Hi ya'll!

Just thought to remind you of our new home Iron Sleet ( Don't miss all the great things happening in there! For instance, yesterday we got a nice set of John Blanche's newest art, The Voodoo Forest, that we had a great honour to publish in our new blog. Check it Out!


  1. This is amazing work. Were there any photos of those cards? I saw this over on Iron Sleet, but couldn't comment on it - is there a setting on Wordpress where you can allow people who aren't registered with Wordpress to comment?

  2. Hi Odie! That's weird... I believe you should be able to leave a comment at Iron Sleet just by giving your name/nick and email address. This means you should not need to be registered with Wordpress.

    1. I tried it, but it wasn't working for me. So...I just bit the bullet and registered with WordPress. Sorted.

      Really enjoying Iron Sleet, by the way.