Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Captain - Finished

Hello!...Whoa! its been a long time since last post!

Time to show some pictures right?

So here she is:

OK there she is....many imperfections, many things that i would like to redo
But this is how far i can push it at the moment..

Wow! i finally finished my first 32mm mini!!!

Next one WILL be so MUCH COOLER!!!!


  1. Great work! ;)
    I can't wait to see more miniatures from you and since the next one will be much cooler!
    Do you have any thoughts of what might be coming next? I'd like to see a Fimir model myself.

  2. Thank you Rang112!

    The Fimir will most likely be the next project, since i cant wait to get back in co-working with izeColt again...but i believe that in future there will be more stuff going on simultaniously ;)

    Lately i have been VERY inspired by the John Blanches recent artworks (never-ending source really) maybe there will be some skulls and weird technology in the future too...

  3. Awesome man! The kind of "twisted" pose really works for her advance and adds another Gaga-vibrance for her overall feeling.

    Can't wait to see this molded!

  4. Thanks ize!
    I really should get in touch with my mold-maker soon!

  5. Great work. Probably the biggest hurdle for a new sculptor is the ability to sculpt an entire figure successfully. This one has decent proportions, good putty control and was far from an easy subject.

    I could make criticisms but I think you're probably very aware of areas where you can improve. Pose on the feet is a little odd but high heels are always tough (in that pose the trailing heel would be off the floor). Think the studs need a little more uniformity in their positioning.

    But it's all minor stuff that I'm sure you're aware of. All in congrats, it's a very strong start for you as a sculptor and better than my first 28mm human sized fig. Just continuing to sculpt will naturally improve your abilities so just keep it up.

    Look forward to seeing where you go from here...

  6. I am well aware of those bad areas=)

    Next i will do the Fimir, but i also like to continue this Pin-Up style too...

    I think that despite al the flaws this mini has, i will stil get it cast by my friend Miika Bergdahl (UK Golden Demon winner btw)

    I believe that the cating process could teach me a thing or two!

    plus i get few copies to share with my friends!!!

  7. Best thing is you get to paint your own sculpt. This is not only generally awesome but you'll also gain a better appreciation for what you got right and what you didn't.

  8. Great work. I'm gaga over that Gaga. You guys need a webstore. Hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge.

    Dwarf warrior, human spacepirate and a classic monster. The next logical project after the fimir is a psychic female space elf... What? There is no personal agenda behind this logic.