Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rifleman WIP

Here's some work-in-progress shots from the Rifleman. I decided to realign his pose and made it look more like he'd actually be in the middle of action rather than just carrying his rifle at rest on his shoulder, as seen in the drawing...

There's still some detailing to do along with the shoes. The rifle also needs some heavy modding, maybe a Winchester style reloading mechanism and some hi-tech components for sighting. The grunt is also faithfully carrying Code of the Inquisitorial Process, part MXXVII / chapter IX, on a carrying strap next to some hand grenades and small pouches.


  1. Very cool, I love the new pose. The legs line up with the arms and it makes it very convincing.

    Ron, FTW

  2. You've done it again and its not even finished. This group of minions are getting me very excited for the Inquisitors.

    I really like the way you've done the fur...are there any instructions or guides on how to do it?


  3. Cheers Peter!

    Ah, the fur... I haven't read that many instructions how to make one, just followed my intuition and got down the business.

    I used a matellic pointy tool (looks like a very sharp pencil) and a pin to poke different sized holes in the green stuff from low angles and pulled some stuff out when pulling the tools back. I also like to use tweezers for making the fur's surface rougher by pinching thin layers of green stuff, pulling them outwards and finally poking these thin slivers with the pin.

    Hope that I made at lease some sence with that waffling....

  4. Cool model so far.
    btw, that head is a fantastic bit.

  5. Thanks Jakob! That flagellant kit is full of great heads to choose from.