Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skull Hopperre

Hop hop hop...

+ Skull Hopperre +


"Go ond fecce!"

So there's the crazy couple, hunting their prays in the dark corners of the grim universe. I'm pretty pleased how the hopper works together with Kul. Especially notable link is hopper's back plate armour, which is quite similar to Mutie's armoured shoe...

Number six in hopper's banner comes from it being the sixta hopper under Kul's posses. I thought about making the banner look like a target but ended in choosing this option instead. Bullet holes are there though, like someone could actually resist and not to shoot at the fluttering piece of cloth jumping up and down in the ruins of an Imperial cathedral.

And finally, here's a sneak peak from my latest finding. I bought it yesterday and intend to make it as one of my focal point in my hobby. At the moment it's just standing there in the corner, taking space, but after we've moved to our new bigger apartment (yeah, moving, again, argh!) this thing will raise my creative horizon to new heights...

Onwards to new projects!


  1. Absolutely brilliant!
    Can't wait to see the next menbers of the retinue.
    That table is also looking very interesting.

  2. Excellent work mate , very good indeed.

  3. Superb! I love him. Excellent job.

    Looking forward to seeing the 'Migs-pattern' workdesk, too. From the teaser photo, it looks great.

    1. Yes, the desk has much in common to Mig's one, though it is somehow far from being similar....

    2. Yeah - sorry, perhaps an iteration rather than a pattern. I look forward to seeing how it'll emerge; I'm particularly interested in the peripheries of the hobby as I've mentioned elsewhere before. For many involved, it's an all-consuming hobby and it's interesting seeing how that manifests outside of miniatures.

    3. Actually - iteration isn't the right word either (at least, not in the way that I intended anyway) and sounds even worse! oops!

    4. No worries mate! To be frank Migsula's project made me think how'd I be able to get more out of my hobby. Surrounding does have a great deal to do with the creativity and that's one of the things I've started to give more attention.

  4. Cor, that's flippin creepy! Lovely stuff!

  5. Excellently creepy. I love the pair!

  6. Cheers fellas! The next member is already making his way to the world of 3D (or is it 4D?).

  7. They look great together. The tiny banner is crazy and I love it.


  8. Thank you Peter! Crazy ideas are always worth of execution ;)