Friday, March 23, 2012

Digital Visions A New Era?

Sometimes people come to the point in their lives where change in inevitable. I feel that I'm in that situation right now in my life. Maybe it's the spring doing it's tricks or maybe it's just me.

Anyway right now Im feeling big change closing me. Not sure what that change will be, maybe nothing really big won't even happen but I have many plans for the future. One of them, that I like to show you right now are my new adventures in the world of digital sculpting. New challenges and adventures wait me there and I feel very excited about it! I got myself a new MacBook and downloaded freeware program called Sculptris.

Sculptris is wonderful program from Pixologic that is similar to it's more professional big brother zBrush. Easy to use and simply a lot of fun! I would happily recommend this for anyone interested in 3d modeling.  Like you saw from my last post, I use Wacom tablet with this program and it has proven to be very intuitive and effective tool for sculpting. I have lot to learn but I already feel that this is something I like to use more in my future projects (Bile anyone?) Ok so let's see what I have created here. This is my FIRST sculpt with Sculptris, clumsy, and hasty but I just wanted to test if I could create full figure sculpt with this program. But here it is! Meet the Mutant!

Then Photoshopped version with little colour added:


  1. Looks very promising start, Ill hope to see more your work soon .D

  2. That's inspiring. I've tried a few times at 3d modeling and it seemed the learning curve a bit steep to overcome as a hobby project. Everyone has told me to try zbrush. I really like what you have created here. I think I'll look into Sculptris. Thanks.

    1. I definitely recommend Sculptris for you if you're interested!
      It's very simple program, took me about an hour to learn how it works. that mutant here is the very FIRST piece I started to work, after I learned the basics=)

      I think that the zBrush is way better program but more complex.
      I try to avoid stealing, so I like Sculptris 'cause it's free, I try to stick with it=)

  3. Nice start , looks like you will be a master in no time.
    I have used 3d max in the past and sketchup for architectural stuff , but I never felt at ease with the systems , the hands on approach is where I feel most comfortable.

    1. Thank you!
      I think Sculptris is very hands on type of thingy. Very different from 3d max or Rhino or any of those "engineer" programs. I have never felt comfortable with those systems either.