Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mission Parameters for Step I

True Scale Ultramarine Force

Step I

++ Build enough Space Marines for a small reconnaissance force ++

Space Marine Captain
Space Marine Chaplain
(accompanied with small entourage of chapter thralls)

Space Marine tactical squad (+ dedicated Rhino APC )
Space Marine Scout Squad

++ Execution ++

Tactical Marines are built using Terminator legs combined with Space Marine parts.

Scouts are built using combination of Scout sprue & FB Chaos Marauder legs

++ Inspiration ++

This image REALLY has it all. It will serve as inspirational compass for this journey.

++ Beyond ++

Step II could include a venerable battle brother blessed with Dreadnought armour (dreadnought + dread knight kits) and maybe a small squad of veteran brothers armed with suits of the much feared tactical dreadnought armours (Terminator + Centurion kits)


  1. I'm glad someone else though that the Centurions seem almost designed to fill the need for true scale Terminators... Which could then mean plastic dreads as Centurions, converted Dreadknight/Contemptor hybrids for Dreads, and some sort of Defilerknight/Dreadknight hybrid for Dreadknights. You know, just because.

  2. Mikko that sounds like a good plan. I'm imagining the force painted in that pale blue and its rather prospect. I'm really looking forward to seeing the characters and thier entourage of chapter thralls.