Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sector Primed

I've been off-radar for the past couple of weeks. It is the Punk Moth's Caterpillar phase that has been keeping me busy lately. I've been building ruins, bunkers and garbage like a rabid squirrel, getting this project back on track.

While building the scenery I got some neat ideas how to spice up the terrain with little details, giving it some more depth to the surrounding that where Cassar and Pherion will have their confrontation. Here's the primed sector at the moment...

Lonely AA-turret guards the sky silently...

Courthouse's front wall is filled with notes, appeals, notices etc.

"Deep behind the frontline stands an abandoned guardspost. There lies secrets within these ruins..."

Mikko will be bringing his entry to the scenery - a crazy cool loading platform - next weekend to our hometown, where we'll hopefully be able to sit down, catch up and share our latest ideas and visions, regarding both Punk Moth project and our solo projects. I will then get that piece back home, prime it and start to ponder what will the colours of this planet be like...


  1. Very nice! Building scenery is something I have never really gotten a hang on, good to see some great examples then ;)

  2. Really really nice, and the lighting in the pics is excellent. I've always thought that these GW terrain kits would look best if properly "imbedded" into complete terrain set-pieces, rather than simply naked, slapped anywhere. It's all about the little slices of the surrounding world that really sells it. In particular, the pic with the stacked tyres, barrels and scrub epitomises this sentiment for me. It just sweeps you away, sucks you straight into that demented, far-flung galaxy!

    Those purity seals, notes and various literature plastered on the courthouse wall is so wonderfully evocative of the religious fervour of the Imperium. That devotional element can never be overdone, hahaha.

  3. Very glad to see this back again!

  4. The scenery is looking mighty fine , as phiq says great lighting to your shots

  5. Thanks a bunch guys! I hope I can squeeze some free time this weekend to add some main colours to these...

  6. Lovely stuff Kari. Really impressed with the 2nd and 3rd photographs.

    Have you decided on what colours you are going to be hitting it with?


    1. Cheers Peter! I'm thinking of painting all the ruins in rusty white, maybe using spray and salt technique to add some special effects. The ground is still a big question mark...