Thursday, December 30, 2010

Something Delved From The Closet

I finally learned to operate some of my camera's more expert settings! I have always had some troubles handling the depth of view when shooting my projects, especially larger groups. It really pissed me off. Well, now this pesky little problem seems to be fixed, hooyah!

Now that those rear ranks won't blur away, I thought to take a shot from my another everlasting project, Chaos Warriors.

This project has been long under work, maybe lost forever, who knows... I was collecting this army just before Games Workshop decided to split Mortals and Immortals (daemons). Maybe that's one of the reasons this project, Father Nurgle's Ruddy Idolators, is now chilled and just lurking in the closet, waiting for my retirement days...

That group of eight Chaos Warriors in rotting red armors won The Best Group title in RopeCon 2010's Miniature Painting Competition.


  1. so little followers in this great blog..
    these chaos warriors - superb!
    love your old-school style from the moment when I saw your works on cmon)
    and if you are interested in my blog, join it perhaps there is something interesting..sometimes)
    yep, Im trying to find more friends in this hobby :D
    and..Happy New year to you :)

  2. Well, we hope that we actually have more readers, than shown in the official records;)

    I have to say that this band of chaos renegades really rock!
    I'v seen these models live and i can tell, that they are full of many little nyances that dont show in this big picture.
    Perhaps couple of Chaos Trolls, Chariot and a General to make this little army complete?;)

  3. Excellent stuff! nice blog

  4. Thank you very much for your comments steven and I.Soloviev! okkiW, yes, I'm planning to add chariot infested by plague of some sort. Maybe the General would ride in it, hm? ;)

  5. How about Daemons of Chaos in Fantasybattle? You could use those red armoured plague knights as bloodletters of Khorne?

  6. Good point Prof 23, I hadn't thought about that! Khorne's sacred number is eight, so basically I already have the right number of knights in that unit.

    Oh, and welcome onboard!

  7. Great work! Could you take more closer photos so we can see more details etc? .D