Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabulous Five

As I threatened in my last post, here they are, my Emperor's Children so far...

The posse is starting to gain an uniform feeling, don't you think? Every time I add a new Child to this group it looks more and more the way I planned it to. Still need to build the sixth member though...

I was a bit uncertain wether or not to use that beast headed Child in this unit, as I thought that it might pop out a bit too much. But okkiW insisted me to keep him 'cause - in his opinion - the thing was so old schoolishly weird and blatantly mutated that it'd be nice touch to have in the unit. Well, I took his hint and I must say, I'm happy that I did so. The beast headed Chaos Space Marine truly stands out from this gang of brutes with his milky white skin and devilish dark eyes!

I can't wait to get my hands on Azazel as I think I'm going to use the same white skin tone on him too. That should give some contrast for the rest of the darkish army...

While I was painting my Emperor's Children and searching for some music to put me in to right mood, I stumbled on couple of cool groups, one of them being folkish Heavy Metal band known as The Lord Weird Slaugh Feg. Slaugh Feg's 'Traveller' album hit me like a fistful of bolter slugs and their melodic surges really smoothened my brushstrokes. Here's one of their track from the album 'Traveller':


  1. Great colour schemes on these!

  2. Nice! I agree with you guys the beast head fits in perfectly.

  3. i generally really dislike pink and black for such subject matter - its to gaudy and creates a toylike whole - however these really rock - in fact they are painted very nice indeed .....

  4. Pink does have a bad habit to make things look gaudy and vigor, but in some perverse way it plays quite well with the ideology of Slaanesh. Vivid tones and distressing beauty really make Slaanesh worshippers stand out from the rest of the Chaos Space Marine chapters.

    Emperor's Children - with their Noise Marines - are quite like the Glam Metal genre; They may look silly but damn they can kick some serious ass!