Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Renegade "Captain Gaga", Painting Stage #2

Captain Gaga's stockings are now almost done, as seen above.

We're planning to paricipate in Model Expo 2011's miniature painting competition with her, but the time is running frighteningly fast and there is still so much to do. There's quite many details that I still need to work out, not to mention all the freehands I've thought to paint here and there.


  1. restrained and gorgeous .......

  2. Promising start.. fantastic texturing.

    Judging from what you've done so far, the finished model will be exceptional.

  3. Thanks Furinji, J.B., steve and Baron for your comments. Nice to hear that the choices I've made get some backup. I'll try to speed up the process so that these updates wouldn't just end up being dull close-ups.