Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rat Of War

Moving on into the sketching.

Like I revealed earlier, to get started with this, Ian send me this wonderfull 12-page PDF full of amazing characters to choose from! Boy! I felt like a kid in a candy store!!! Browsing through the file I managed to find two favourites (Mr. Millers art is so fantastic that I would have wanted to pick all of them really;)

I chose these following drawings for several reasons.

Firstly there was a rat character. As a proud pack member of the Spiky Rat Pack I felt, that it was great way to bring something that represented me into this project.

Secondly I just love War history and old military eguimpment!

Thirdly these drawings just got my imagination rolling wildly as I saw them.

So we get to the sketching part then...

The character is taking shape here. This is not the final version and the things will get chanched as I move into sculpting phase...

I feel really good about this project...I think that the miniature will be something around 40mm tall. Got pack of ProCreate in the mail at the other day, so this will be good chanche to test that new stuff here.

- okkiW


  1. Damn! This is looking awesome! Btw, what paper are you using in this drawing? Just made me curious 'couse you're using Citadel wash and in pencils...

  2. I use very thick 240g Technical drawing paper.
    Quite expensive really. Very smooth and durable
    I start my projects sketching on very cheap standard printer paper, afterwards, when i have more clearer vision, i move into this stuff.

    J.B - I wonder what kind of paper do you use when sketching? I recently bought a Rapidograph and the store manager told me that I should only use very smooth paper when drawing with it. Te tip is quite fragile in the finer ones i guess??

  3. Iwant to work for your company!! :)) such a nice drawings!

  4. Thanks!
    Well.... The first two are Mr.Miller's work naturally ;) only the last one's mine :0