Thursday, December 15, 2011


Let's continue with 40k watercolour paintings...

Elijah (Watercolours, white acrylic paint and black ink pencil)

This is Elijah, Imperial Inquisition's huntsman. He's armed with a massive greatsword, Daemon Cleaver, and an ancient, xenos-origin handgun. Elijah's body has not been physically adepted and he needs a special powerglove to wield his huge sword.

Elijah is a possessor of a rare gift, the Sight of Chaos, also known as the Warpsight. With this power Elijah has gained certain reputation amongst Inquisition; His skill to wade - dream - in the Warpstreams makes him very talented hunter of daemons and personalities carrying ruinous powers. Of course Inquisition has learned to use this edge in their course.

How Elijah got blessed by the skill, Inquisition falls silent...


  1. Pro level stuff!!!
    Blown away here;)

  2. This is great! While the Blanche influence is there, there's also others (Moebius? Enki Belial?). Having said that, it's still unique. Kudos to you for using watercolours too. Love his sword too.

  3. the candles on his shoulder pad (epaulette) are a fantastic touch. love it.

  4. Gosh this is absolutely godly .D
    Keep up good work!

  5. Thank you okkiW, phiq, Atreides, J. B. and Blot!

    phiq, I've stumbled into Moebius' and Enki's wonderful works at some point of my life, just can't remember where and when. There sure are some similarities, but I believe it's more unintentional coincidence than intent - maybe techniques have something to do with the feeling too. My subconscious might also be making tricks, eh?

    J. B., it sure takes some time to get one with the materials you work with, yet I feel there's still so much to learn. Smashing different techniques together has proved being quite enjoyable. The freedom of watercolours along with very restricted palette is something I've not been used to in miniature painting. I'm sure I'll implement some of these new tactics in my future miniature projects.

    It's funny how these pieces started materializing from that brief moment I decided to try paint with my son's watercolours...

  6. My gosh that is very similar to J.B's work , the background blending is very nice as is the crimson on the blade itself. Congrats!

  7. Thank you Neil101 and welcome on board! Similarity to J.B's work comes out of respect and curiosity.