Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mutie Kul

Mi bolt slug becriepeth yer brainpanne mid ease. Drie groet met yer deth bodde en blionesse, yer brainne painteh waelles greie ond roed.  Hi' is yer blod one shalt feede mi hyngru hund - what a graedig basterd it es.

Unwisdom er ablendath ond made thee a weak huntung.

+ Mutie Kul +

Mutie Kul it be, first member to be finished in my Inquisitor's retinue. I used lots of inks and washes this time, utilizing dirty painting technique (introduced to us by Steve Buddle in his blog Spyglass Asylum) and that sort of styles to haste the painting session. Loved the freedome of the new methods, really made me feel more, well - I quote Migsula and J.B. here - more elemental!

I still wanted to add some sharp detaild to his equipment with more traditional freehanding, just to bind him more with his portrated version. Colour palette was much more restricted than it usually is in my case, leaning more to different wash shades and inks.

More to follow...


  1. A-class dope!
    Colours are freakin amazing!
    Love that minimal aproach on the base too.
    What about that familiar thingy?

  2. Cheers okkiW ond Fulgrim! Skullhopperre is going to get painted when I can focus on it with my full interest. The thing is so cute!

  3. Moody! Love the orange and the subtlety in the skintone. checked pattern on bolter and shield is ace as well. Very dramatic and characterful!

  4. That's just wonderful. This is a great character to start off the band. The painting is a joy to look at and the face carries a detail and emotion I've rarely seen in any model of this scale. The presentation is nice to.

  5. Bloody brilliant, great work. I really prefer the understated base rather than those overflowing pillars of debris; it lets the figure "breathe." His face is so miserable and 41st millennium too. Just lovely.

  6. Thank you for your comments JRN, Skeller, phiq & J.B.!!

  7. I thought to write some notes from the painting process to work as my reminder and for you to study, if you happen to be interested...

    I used gray primer as I usually do. Skin was painted with combination of Citadel paints, Elf Flesh and Skull White, giving Mutie a nice pale skintone to start from. I then painted his blouse with Skull White, pants and shoes with mixture of W&N orange and Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red, hair with Chaos Black and highlighting it with grayish tones. Finally I washed the whole thing with the mixture of Asurmen Blue and Gryphonne Sepa. This trick I learned from Steve Buddle so thanks to you again...

    Yellow/black checker patterns on shield and boltpistol were first done like this; I first primed the pieces with white, washing them with W&N Yellow, adding some Devlan Mud washes and finally painted the freehands.

    Metal parts were very simple, just Boltgun Metal, Badab Black wash and some highlighting with Boltgun and Mithril Silver.

    Some final touches, wearing effects and details and a vot, finished!

    But what about the base... Well, first layer was painted with skull white mixed with Scorched Brown and some grays and black. I then added some white to bring out the details and washed to whole thing couple of times with Devlan Mud and with the wash mixture mentioned previously.

    Still the biggest inspiration in the whole process has been Emperor's Will book, mainly John Blanche's works in it. I'm just reading Inquisitor rulebook to get some deeper inspiration for my next member of the group.

    Ah, but then there's the Bile project too...

  8. A elegant portrail referencing the textures and colour of the artworks

  9. Amazing work, and this is just one man from hole retinue? Can't wait to see rest of the squad .DD

    What brand of primer you used to basecoat model?

  10. Thank you steve and Blot!

    You're correct Blot, there's the frenzy rifleman, Elijah, the Old Man, Countess and couple of others that I still need to draw out of my head - Maybe one or two marines and Inquisitor himself, who knows... The primer I used was just something I grabbed from local hardware store, something used to prime cars before final coating I think. You need to be careful with those cans though as I almost ruined Mutie with overspraying him. My can had quite unforgivingly strong spurt which gave my model pretty heavy coat.

  11. Very nice! congrats , very much in the style of J.B. with those oranges. Great character!

  12. Thank you for your kind words Neil!

    My hands are itching to start the next character, albeit I need to paint the hopperre before that...

  13. Absolutely stunning. I thought it was one of JB's when I first saw it. Really looking forward to seeing the the whole retinue done. You've given me some ideas for creating a Ratskin Gang now (well next year or maybe the year after). Cheers

  14. Glad to hear that you like it Peter. I'd like to follow the progress of your Ratskin Gang. You don't happen to have a blog, do you?

    John and his work have always been a major inspiration for me. Some of us tend to imitate and appreciate 'Eavy Metal teams masterly blended and painted miniatures, while others are looking for other paths to travel. I used to be one of those first mentioned, but after meeting John in person I felt something click inside of me. It truly was a turning point for me, an eye-opening experience, so to speak. After that moment I started investigating my creativity from different angles, looking for other ways to do what I love in my dear hobby.

    I feel awkwardly honoured to hear that my work is "mistaken" to the master's own ones, though I feel I'm light years behind from what J.B. does. I don't want to copy his style nor his ideas, but I'm eager to learn how he does what he does and the way he does it. I would compare me to those apprentices who were the students of the masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni and such, pupils who admired their teachers' work and wanted to "do the same" in their own way.

    1. Hi, I'm afraid I don't have a blog in this style but I do have a couple on DakkaDakka and post under PDH. I won't be starting the ratskins for ages I'll need to finish my inquisitor retinue and scavvies first.

      As for feeling awkward I mistook it due to the theme, colours especially the white (sepia shading) in the thumbnail. When I got a closer look it doesn't have the same texture as JB's models. So your comparison of Master and Apprentice is spot on. So be reassured that you are "doing the same in your own way" .

    2. Lo and behold, I have actually stumbled in to your posting in DakkaDakka at some point, just could join your Blogger alias to PDH. Impressive gang you're building there, I'll definately start to follow the topic more closely. The mechanical rat and Mutie Hunter are my favourites so far. Keep up the good work mate!

    3. I'm not sure how to change my alias since all I did to comment was log in using my google account. Cheers for the kind words.