Friday, July 20, 2012

"Blacktail" Skaven Commando From The 88th Reconnaissance Battalion

Edit -

The idea for this kitbash/conversion came from the fact that Im thinking of using GW plastics to create my Inquisitor Pherion for our Punk Moth project.

I am also working on a major commission project at the moment that has something to do with Skaven, so I have plenty of Plastic Skaven lying on my desk. One day I just remembered the story about how GW first tried to fit Skaven in to the wh 40k universe without success. (The story and the original sketches can be found in Jes Goodwin's book The Gothic And The Eldricht)

I wanted to give that idea a try, a good warm up project for the inquisitor I thought.
In the 80's GW tried to get the WW1 look for their Space Skavens. I decided to go for the modern look - U.S. & British troops fighting in Afganistan.
Being a huge fan of military gear (I work in a military surplus store) I felt that I had good understanding about how that gear works, so that came very naturally for me.

The process itself was very simple - Skaven body with armor plates, Guardman weapon, Spiky Rat magic tricks, Space Marine helmet targeters & pouches, little bit modeling putty and Voila'!

I would love to do a small squad of these commandos with dedicated APC-transport someday.......someday;)


  1. outstanding.. I might need to try and find an excuse to make some of these myself... ohhh proxy ratlings!

  2. wow man!!! is soo coool!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The trousers/kneepads look fantastic.

    Very cool work.

  4. excellent mate .. just needs some spikes now..

  5. Just eye candy!!! You are such a tease. Dying to hear more about the model, the process and your thoughts on it. Absolutely amazing!!!

  6. Got to be one of the coolest 40k ideas I have seen in a very long time. Absolutely love it.

  7. Thank you!
    Karitas- or maybe even proxy storm troopers;)
    Dai- I love to sculpt clothing, its hard but rewarding.
    Neil- Always looking for excuses to do rats (with or without spikes ;)
    Panda- some text added for you
    Ferret- thank you veeeeeeeeeery much

  8. First you teased me with your eye candy now you steal the show with your words. You truly are the real black operative at work here. Hope you don;t mind the shout out on my weekly themed top-x. Cheers.

  9. Priceless! I love the gear. The helmet mounted optics is perfect!

  10. Excellent! rats in space i love it.

    You need to convert more of these me thinks.