Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inquisitor Pherion

"You are criminal and a murderer who has committed severe crimes against the Imperium and who now wishes to save his immortal soul from the eternal damnation of the Chaos? That is easy my friend. I want you to do those same things you have done, but FOR the Imperium from this day on."

Inquisitor Pherion to a Penal legionnaire assigned to his warband.

Rotring line over W&N inks

So after recovering from a very Snaily commission work, Im back with Punk Moth and finally working for my Inquisitor model!

Inquisitor Pherion of Mars Ruthless leader who trusts in strong faith, rather than brute strength or firepower. Little is known but it seems that Pherion is "old as the stars, as he has described it himself.

Being old and weak, he needs lots of technology to keep himself in pace. For that reason he carries ancient device Preservus-unit, life support system which he had obtained  from the Tech Priests of Mars a long time ago. The device keeps him alive by pumping dozes of drugs and medicines into his veins when needed.

He is armed with a HUGE force sword. (he needs battle stimulants to be able to wield it properly in combat)

He carries the cloak of heroes. a cloak that has been almost entirely covered with purity seals from the long years of service as Imperial Inquisitor. The purity seals give Pherion a ward save against his enemies, but there are so many seals made of parchment that the cloak has become very flammable, so he must avoid flame weapons!

This time I have chosen very Kari-like method for the designing process.
-Im sketching the character first.
-Im using existing GW parts for the conversion (Necromancer & Wizards sprues).
-Im also planning on using W&N inks in the painting stage.


  1. GRAND stuff. Pherion looks very promising.
    I look forward to seeing process of creation.

  2. How... How do you guys channel John Blanche so succesfully!? :D

  3. Thanks guys!

    JRN - Weekend's just around the corner, so there will be process very soon;)

    Vitruvian - I think we have both grown up with Blanche's art and learnt how to draw by watching his paintings when we were kids, so it's just the only way we can do it;)

  4. Oh now that is going to be special when built. I love the weight of parchment on his back and candelabra.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do paint wise with the necromancers head.