Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Road To Underhive part I

There will be a Confrontation game played at 7th of September.

I will not reveal any more details about it...

I have decided to put up a warband of three scratch built models for the game.

So far only one is finished but not painted.

I have 29 days to finish the rest

The warband will include :

- Senior Officer Enforcer

- Junior Officer Enforcer (sculpted)

- Riot Ogryn

There will by new posts on daily basis. Please consider this as an opportunity to follow at close distance (& almost in real time) about how I put these pieces together =)

May the gods of greenstuff help me with this...


  1. Very excited about this, particularly the more step by step posting...


  2. Not a lot to see yet, but... Riot Ogryn? Count me in! :D

  3. Excellent. Really looking forward to seeing the process involved in this.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. You have bloody good way to give a feeling of movement to your minies. There are already very dynamic feeling in these guys not to mention this (problem to see this mini as whole is the male-eye that fixes its focus to hind side, which by the way is nicely done ;)

    It would be nice to see these minies in production.

    Waiting to see more and more :)

  5. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the enforcers as I think these are criminally underdone miniatures given the scope they offer. Most tend to go too far down the Judge Dredd look and miss the mark but, based on your previous works, I'm sure you will do them justice :)

    Best of luck