Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Squad At Full Strenght!

Building these like a maniac!! Seriously! so much fun!!!

The sergeant will get his blade replaced by 2.edition plastic power axe soon ;) Next some green stuffing and then painting! I think I will go for grey/blueish base colours, while the shoulder plates will receive tactical markings with bright colors (orange/green etc.)

Should I use Rhinos as the squad APC for these guys? Or would ("heavily squatted") Chimera look more cooler??


  1. They look surprising awesome for such a simple kit bash!
    I'd definitely go for a rhino with a warrior in the cupola. It would be interesting to see what you could achieve on the front plate using the dwarfen standards.
    Im very tempted to try this myself :) I'll have to try and hunt down some of the old squat artwork for inspiration.

  2. simple but very effective conversion - bravo mate! I would prefer a rhino as well.

  3. If you happen to have the older Rhino model, then it would be good I think. The newer one... I wouldn't count on that, the older model just have that special feeling.

  4. Awesome.

    For some reason I think the upcoming IG Taurox-truck-thing would suit squats...

  5. I like a Rhino, but I would also humbly suggest a Termite with the rough dimensions and "counts as" rule as a drop pod? Just a passing thought...

  6. Damn nostalgia trip! These chaps look ace and I'm looking forward to seeing some paint.

    I'd like to see the grey colour done on "White Dwarf in Space"

    2:1 mix of Ice Blue and Black
    Shaded with Ogryn Flesh
    Badab Black directly into the recesses
    Add Space Wolf Grey to the base coat and for final highlighting


  7. Oh yeah Peter!
    That is very close of what I was thinking for these guys;)
    Thanks for the recipe!

  8. These Squats are BOSS. I will be stealing your concept eventually!