Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Three Stooges – Arco Evisorators WIP

More Arco Evisorators incoming...


  1. Wouldn´t like to get whacked around the head by one of those...

    Which one´s Curly?

  2. You continue to craft excellent arco evisorators! I am amazed at how many you have made, yet each seems to be unique and inspired. It would have been easy to start repeating, but you refuse, and they are all the better for it!

    1. Thanks Eric! Repeat is something I've tried to avoid in these as much as possible, though still trying to keep the unit in uniform.

  3. jeff - you might ..... im in the middle of a standard bearer for the unit plus a really big one from rob meade - so the unit nears 20 but would like 100 ......

  4. I was going to ask Kari how many he had been commissioned to make but you've answered the that for me JB!

    So Kari other than Arcos what other projects do you have planned for 2014?

  5. Huh! 100... I might need to start talking to my boss about taking some time off from my work ;) I'm earger to see what the standard bearer will look like.

    Peter, I'm planning on getting back on those Red Corsairs after I've done the commissions I'm working on right now.

  6. More Corsairs? That's truly great news!!! Is this call to arms!!!?;)