Sunday, November 28, 2010

All In a Day's Work

I'm on fire! This week has been very productive, at least what comes to my hobby. I managed to paint Fimir Bust in just couple of evenings and now I'm on my everlasting Chaos Space Marines project. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a much but when you consider that you need to work, look after your child, do household chores and have quality time with your fiancee, I think I'm doing quite well ;)

I thought to share my practical painting station with you, just for fun.

My portable painting station, which also works as a baking platform. It's very useful to have portable painting station when you've 1,5 years old perisher running around the house pulling everything down that he manages to get his hands on. It'd be damn shame to see him gnawing one of the projects which I just spent couple of day's work.

Part on my current everlasting Emperor's Children project. Good things come slowly.

So that's where the magic happens. Interesting, or maybe not. Still so much to do and so little time...


  1. Hmm... There's a similiar "baking-station" in our kitchen, but my girlfriend usually just uses a normal table. Maybe I should try it out too. We don't have kids running around but the 8 months old cat runs much faster than babies :D

  2. Heh, yeah I know the cats. Used to have couple of them and it seems like they really like to lick and bite those brush hairs.

    When I first started to paint in our employee housing I thought that I'd never be able to paint as comfortable as in my real work bench. Luckily we had this baking platform and thanks for it I was able to spread my accessories wide open without worries.

    If you ever need to have a portable place to paint, I really can recommend this kind of solution; Platform is very spacious and much more cheaper than Games Workshop counterpart.