Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Eyed Swamp Monster

Now that the blog has been formally started, it's time to heat up the steam engine and move on. Our current project is, surprise surprise, a Fimir, the infamous one eyed monster from the 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles era.

After finishing the previous project, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch, we sat down and thought about what should we do next. Last time we did consider of making Fimir, but ended up making Chaos Dwarf. Well, it was quite obvious that the next time it'd be the Fimir's turn.

We found the murky and twisted background of Fimir's to be quite fashinating. Well, Fimir's breeding is, quite frankly, a bit of a moral dilemma when it comes to telling their tale, but I think we can put that in the can besides the "beheads heads", "rotting corpses" and "interesting Slaanesh mutations" and move on... Eh, I've read from somewhere that this particular piece of Fimir's history might be one of the reasons Games Workshop decided to drop the Fimirs off from their future plans (which is, marketing their products to young teenagers rather than adults) along with the fact that the old metal Fimirs weren't that interesting - although I think they are cool.

Anyways, long story short, here's the first concept from the Fimir...

There are couple of things worth noticing; I thought it'd be cool to have Fimir keeping couple of chopped off heads around him, as trophies of worthy enemies. Some of the heads would be very old and barely hanging from the belt rings 'couse their hair is falling of from the rotting skull.

Fimir's posture is still a bit of mystery but I've got couple of wicked ideas. One idea is to have Fimir trying to stand in as proud posture as it is possible with that bodybuild and he would be dangling beheaded head from it's hair and watching it with very arrogant stare. This idea came to me when I thought about Shakespear's Hamlet and his famous frase "to be or not to be". Well, this is still under heavy mindwork...

What comes to armour and other pieces of elaborately crafted metals, we thought to give them a nice touch of Babylonian kind of feeling; Some nice little details along with very strong and ornate trimmings. This concept still lacks that kind of detail but they'll be in the next one! I still need to put my nose in the book and study those ornaments a little bit closer.

The plan is to make this thing in 28 millimeter scale, but as Fimirs are a bit larger than 28 millimeter human characters, this monster's going to be somewhere around 30 to 34 millimeters. I kind of like the way Nick Bibby sculpted his pack of Fimirs and would like to see if okkiW is going to make this in the same size.

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