Friday, March 25, 2011

Going For The Kill! -The initial phases

I started sculpting the Captain for the second time now. I carefully followed Steve Buddle's instructions about armatures and the initial phases of sculpting.

Steve kindly agreed to act as my mentor through this project, wich makes me very happy:)

So here she is:

(Im using GW's Daemonette's head and arm to show scale and proportions)

Rough mix of 50/50 Green Stuff/Milliput was used for this.

Wow! the "repetitive" sculpting that i have been forced do lately, has proven to be very effective!
I have gained lots of speed and i dont have to redo things so much anymore=)

Next i'l begin to work with the head part!!!


  1. Not sure there's a dramatic amount to say here as it's looking good...

    I might have had the trailing foot pointing outwards a little more but generally I'd say just keep going.

    Not sure quite what's going on with the fore arm. Shoulder and bicep area looks about right but then her elbow seems to be on top of the arm. Typically it'd be around the back possibly up to 45 degrees up or down depending on what the arm is doing. Can be stretched to pretty much 90 but that depends even more on the arm's pose and affects the shoulder/biceps.

  2. whoopy - have you seen - his galloping horse of clockwork death fits firmly with this .....

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    I have this idea about her having laspistol in her right hand. She will be pointing it upside down=) So that the whole arm will also be twisted "upside down"

    I think i will study it even more...because im not sure where it's a good idea or not..and maybe i take new picture to demostrate it..

  4. Just held out my arm as you'd hold a pistol upside down. Elbow is at 45 degrees between top and back.

    I'd suggest not trying any positioning that is over complicated in it's effects on anatomy. Best to do simpler things right and then move onto complicated stuff.