Sunday, June 26, 2011

SoD - Synthia Reworked


Here comes the re-designed Synthia!

Now the style has taken big step towards more dirtier and more punk than before!
I asked your opinions and ideas and i got many good ones..
Even the Big Boss Rat shared some of his wisdom with me!
Those ideas were then pushed even further...
and here you can see the result - Thanks everyone!

Next i will work on Screamya - The DethSynth Operator. She will also receive similar treatment;)


  1. Are they going to be on the same base? If they are, the whole Screamya posing alone problem would go away. I think it will be very difficult make one hand both play the synth and be in a natural position without a synth.

  2. id have the hair streaming back and the speaker covers skull shapes with grills in the mouth - but there again i would ....

  3. and should that not be SINTHIA ....

  4. I have this one idea for Screamya's pose so let's see how it goes...
    Boss Rat is right about those speakers - they don't look right at the moment...i'l look onto them, when i sketch the DethSynth some more later.

    SINTHIA? does it sound(or look) better?? I picked Synthia 'cause it comes from the word "Synth" Sinthia could work also having second thoughts about Screamya...I originally planned her having some sort of microphone-weapon..