Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"There Can Be Only One"

I decided, that the Fimir, that i am sculpting at the moment will be only fimir that i will ever sculpt....So sorry guys, there will not be any reproducing in the future=/
I gave it a thought, but it felt silly...to take GW's property and start messing around with it...
Very silly & Very risky....In the end i want to be known by my own original work, rather than someone else's.

+ I think that the Old World will suffer enough with this one beast roaming there, decapitating unaware mercenaries as it goes!

(pst!... izeColt has been sending me these small teaser-images about the almost fully painted big Gaga model!!! stay tuned and prepare to loose you jaws!)


  1. Darn it.

    Oh well. Any chance you'll still cast the one you're working on?

  2. I think the right move but it just makes me even more excited to see what other crazy models you come up with out of the hobby time this will free up for you.

    Waits impatiently...

  3. Unfortunately i will not cast this one either =(

    But fear not 'cause more craziness will follow!