Saturday, January 14, 2012


My water colour exercise, the one that got a spark from very random situation couple of months ago, has suddenly evolved into series of 40k inspirated illustrations. The process has been very educative, giving me new perspectives to my hobby and teaching some new tricks on the way.

I was visiting my parents last weekend with my family and had a nice freefloating time to sketch another member to my Inquisitor posse, this time something little bit more elegant to stand beside those previously drawn grotesque male figures...

Countess (water colours, W&N inks, white acrylic paint and black ink pencil)

When I started sketching the Countess, I had one red line that I wanted to grab from; Femme Militants, the ones John Blanche visualized couple years ago. I saw some of the paintings live last summer and damn they were fierce! I wanted to draw something a bit similar to them, but with my own twist and touch.

There are some obvious references to Mikko's Captain Gaga sculpt too, though the similarity came by accident (sub-concious stuff I'd assume). Anyways, it gave a nice final flavour to the final piece and now she stands like another incarnation of the Lady.

So, the Countess was the fifth illustrated member of the Inquisitor posse. My long term aim is to do couple of more drawings and then start to figure out how to collect all the pieces together and build a miniature version from each one of them. In the meanwhile it's time to familiarize myself with the =I=Munda......


  1. im used to mi work being described as scruffy and incoherent which i like - migs used recently used the term elemental which i love now i have fierce - great compliment thx - and keep up the great work here - how that stuff is going to realise themselves as models is truly anticipatorii .....

  2. Those pastel colors gives her a slaneshii feel along with that mechanical hook thingamybob. Excellent work ;)


  3. J.B., you're welcome... and thanks back to you for your support! I'm really looking forward to some serious kit-bashing here. My aim is to go as far as possible with ready-made components and do as little greenstuffin' as possible. But before that I have some other matters I need to finish.

    phiq, cheers!

    Blizspear, was it just the colourscheme and the hook that reminded you of Slaanesh? ;) 

  4. Needless to say, this babe looks stunning!
    Curious to see, how this affair with inks will affect your mini painting in the future.

  5. Hi! While note nearly as good as yours, I took a stab at this myself. Have a look:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hi Tim! Liked a lot the way you brought out the Tau's Eastern influence in your work.

    1. Thanks! I've shown your work to some of my other drawing friends, who aren't so much into 40k and they're stunned. Very atmospheric. I ended up using watered-down acrylics which really works good. Don't have watercolors...someday.