Thursday, January 26, 2012

Space Pirato Cpt. Gaga - Finally Finished

So, she finally made it! Took me quite some time to finish the Pirato Captain, but you know how the saying goes, "better late than never". Well, long story short, here she is, The Renegade...

I used only acrylic paints and some washes at the beginning of the painting, but in the final stages ended up using inks and varnishes to add some interesting flavour to the base and some of the other surfaces. I hit the dead end at some point with the painting and couldn't figure out how to finish her. Especially her outfit and base gave me hard time, but apparently some (actually, pretty much) time can help you at some point to figure out how to continue...

Special thanks to Mikko for his patience with me. After all, he skulpted this fantastic model which was a true pleasure to paint! Still I kept him waiting and waiting for the finished piece. Sorry mate.

Never the less, hope you like the outcome of yet another of our joint-project! More will follow...


  1. I can't find words how to discribe this absolutely awsome sculpt and paint job! It is just so perfect. Keep up good work!! .DDD

  2. That turned out extremely well - fantastic work, the color scheme is subdued yet perfectly appropriate. Good stuff!

  3. Fantastic. Both sculpt and paintjob.
    That subtle red is especially nice!

  4. Hey!
    No broblemo ratbrother!!
    This was definitely worth the long wait!!!
    So proud to see this finished at last!

    The sculpt looks like it has been made almost two years ago though;)

  5. Thank you very much guys, from both of us!

    JRN, the red colour is my favourite thing in this one too. I took quite a lot of inspiration and influence from your Femme Militants while painting her.

    okkiW, to be honest, comparing her to what you're now doing, she's like a three-up of them ;)

    I'll be adding some close-ups in my next post, if you fellas are interested? Maybe tomorrow...

  6. Absolutely perfect!
    I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga, but as a 40k Pirate Captain she looks really great! Love it! :D

  7. That's about as Blanchesque as they come, love it to death.

    Will you be creating any of her crew to attend her on the 7-Galax-seas?

  8. You guys really should stop doing so damn good work so I wouldn't have to be speechless every frakking time!

    Have to come up something to comment ..something something Ha! ..I don't like the shade of her lipstick.. There I said it.

    And those boots look so good that one day a visitor is going to get a foot fetish because of you guys and that's a lawsuit coming ;)

    I need more coffee. Love your work!

    IzeColt: I want a tutorial for that black leather.

  9. Amazing, a pop star + grim darkness of the future = pure awesome!

  10. Excellent stuff , great partnership .

  11. Thanks Logan, Deadestdai, phiq, Furinji, Kardinaali and Neil101!

    Logan, I'm not a big fan of her music either, if that's what you mean, but you got to give her a credit for her bold wardrobes and the way she takes advantage of the media's hunger for celebrity target shooting.

    Deadestdai, there ought to be side-kick monkey Alejandro, but Mikko desided to focus on other matters. I'm not sure if the crew will grow any bigger, it's up to Mikko I think. If it will, I'm sure the scale will be something between 28-30mm.

    Furinji, the boots are kind of happy accident to be frank. After I used mixture of black and scorched brown, I washed the boots with devlan mud and for some reason they ended up gleaming a bit, kind of like real leather does.