Thursday, May 17, 2012

Berlin - The Catch

So I visited Berlin once again. A magnificent city with colourful history but also a place to find loads of interesting stuff. I went to Battlefield Berlin Megastore to search some tools & stuff - found some good shapers, box of ProCreate and a couple of these little display sockets for miniatures

(Maybe I could use these, when photographing my miniatures) 

nothing too special here....

Until I spotted these!

"These are perfect for the Operation Punk Moth!, I thought when I saw these in the shop. Dice with Roman numerals  the spirit of =][= is touchable here ;)

(I got four of these, so I could give two of them to Kari =)

I also went to Mauer Park's famous flea market to find the bizarre stuff. Every sunday Mauer Park turns into this gigantic outdoor flea market that covers the huge park area in middle of the city. I searched the market for many hours and I was tired and about to give up until then,

In the depths of the market it had waited me...

It is a mechanical watch, that can be hung from neck etc. I think I will turn this into a weird pocket watch, that I then carry when I wear my suit =)  

Berlin <3


  1. great watch mate , and nice progress on punk moth, the smiling head is perfect ;-)

  2. Those dice are perfect. I covet them.

  3. Holy smokes, that watch looks incredible! It's weird and full of magic.

    Those dices are a bit too white, should we throw them in to coffee and let them get nicely brownish and dirty tone in them? ;)

  4. Fantastic watch. Or rather; a clock I would say.

  5. Love that watch! What a find!

    The dice, are they available online?