Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Man Job

"Do not start with me, old man. The witty mind you posses tries ones best to guide me,  but in most cases it is as much needed as are pair of boots for you."

- Inquisitor Cassar

Behold! Old Man got finished today within two intensive painting sessions. Got to say, one of my favourite projects I've carried through so far...

+Old Man Job +

In case you are wondering how I painted Old Man's cape, I adapted JRN's sponge technique, altering it a bit to suit in my style and then just let the beast take control... I was looking for certain effect for the cloth, something that would look like maggot and moth eaten sack with oil stains and dirt. Hope I made it there.

Next up is the crown of my INQ28 gang, Inquisitor Marius Cassar. I have to gather some spirit before I can even start to figure out what bits I will be using while creating him. I've already planned some pretty interesting techniques that I can't wait to apply in his case.....


  1. One word - Development.

    With his ragged cape, this old man here is outshadowing everybody =)

  2. Seriously beautiful work.

    Especially love the script detail on the skull!

  3. ... Marvelous. Absolutely stunning work again .D

  4. This is absolutely superb, Ize.

  5. Cheers Rat bro, Dai, Blot, Fulgrim and phiq! Check out the Spiky Rat Pack's nest in Facebook. I just uploaded a group shot of Rogues Malus, the inglorious retinue of Inquisitor Cassar.

  6. love the pale flesh that you gave the old man. Any chance on letting us in on how you painted it?

    1. The skin was painted with relatively simple method.
      - Gray undercoat
      - White + hint of Elf Flesh (2:1)
      - More white + less of Elf Flesh (3:1)
      - Wash with mixture of Gryphone Sepia + Asurmen Blue (2:1)
      - Highlight with white + Elf Flesh (3:1)
      - shade with Scorched Brown + white + Elf Flesh (3:2:1)

      And that is the recipe for the pale skin. Hope that was helpful...

  7. Thanks demi_morgana and HOTpanda!

  8. Damn nice! Go sponge go!

  9. Many thanks JRN, Furinji and zhu!