Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caterpillar Planning...

OK, the Punk Moth project is back in action, hooyah! Time to wipe out the dust and continue to model the base. As you can see, I'm almost done with the first half of my 2-piece base. Not quite there yet though, still need to add hell-of-a-lot of dirt and junk all around... and paint it!

Designing the interior of the Basilica was very fascinating. I really had to think how the building would work more like a playable diorama rather than just a bulky terrain piece blocking strategic LOS. Also, my intention was to make it look like a real administrative building with an interesting and very playable layout yet easy to move around and manouver. That's where I came up with the idea of separating the building in half, "blowing" its core to the pieces and giving it some air to breathe. When we'll be photoshooting our game, if there's any action happening in the centre of the building, we can just separate the two boards and take nice low angled shots.

But now, lets take a closer look of those numbered areas...

1. Defence turret might be one of the secondary objectives to either of the Inquisitors. Maybe other side needs to destroy it before their pick-up can land on the hi-ground nearby?

2. Cargo area will be filled with the supply boxes and barrels to make the area more like a small labyrinth. It will be great place for some of those okkiW's CQC-specialists to hide and make ambushes.

3. Ruins of Basilica hide many horrific secrets within...

4. This was the southern defence line of the XXII platoon (Fifth Imperial Airbourne Brigade) before they were beaten and forced to flee by the overwhelming counter attack of the opposing force.

5. Public Halls of the Basilica was the main entrance to the building before it was bombed to the ground by the fierce artillery of the opposing force. This hall has many entraces and is perfect spot to ambush any unwary scouts.

Here's some more WIP shots of the board so far...


  1. Those black'n'white shots almost make the views look like they are of an actual ruin and not a model of one!

  2. Amazing. Can't see those battle pics.

  3. These look great! What foam have you used for the base? Just the dense blue polystyrene?

  4. Cheers guys! Fulgrim, that's right, the base is 50mm polystyrene foam. It's light and easy to move around, just what I had in my mind for the base...

  5. It's looking great; did you base the foam on anything (mdf or such) or just go straight on to the foam?

  6. No mdf or anything like that. We first tried to base the boards on 3mm PVC plates butthat plan landed flat. After getting back to the drawing board we decided to make it simple and start building stuff right on top of the foam board, after all, these boards won't see that much of action.

  7. Looks superb.. really capture that natural rock feel .. no easy task.. the devils in the details great to here your treating the terrain as dio ..

    and then an amazing paintjob on top of that !!