Friday, August 24, 2012

Sidetracked Mercenary

I just finished this epic piece of a commission work. My client, who wants to be referred only as Timeless wanted me to build this piece, based on my earlier commission but with Skaven involved this time.

Awesome project! lot of work though, but equal amount of fun too ;)

Soon these little fellas are packed into box and shipped to US of A to their new home! May the gods of greenstuff offer them a safe journey!

This commission has delayed my work on my =I= warband a bit but now Im back on the game again! Next I must jump headlong into the Punk Moth and catch up Kari before it's too late! The time of Inquisitor has come!!


We get queries concerning comissions every now and then and if our =I=miniatures are for sale. So far, we have politely declined most of the offers, but that thing might just change very soon... in a very interesting way ;)