Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arsonya WIP (Burn Baby Burn!)

There she is! 

I was able to finish her quite fast. Im pretty satisfied considering the very limited source of decent female parts in the GW range (no way I could ever use parts from some other kits ;)

Apart from Wyches sprue there is no good alternatives. Perhaps I could have used some other les "eldarish" head, but I decided to go with the closest one in the sprue. The hand flamers were little tricky also. Maybe I have used laspistols for them, if I would happen to have them in my bitz box, but I didn't, so I made them from imperial lasguns. My philosophy towards converting is that I don't have  to get every single part from bit-shops. I get the most important parts (body, head) and then just see what I got in my bits box. I believe that if you imagine very complex converions with too many "perfect" parts, you might end up with quite boring conversions. If you understand what Im trying to say ;)

Creativity is key here.

Anyway, Arsonya - Assassin and Inquisitional bodyguard.


  1. I don't know what to say, this is another marvelous work. Keep up good work .)

  2. Brilliant head gear, horns, book and hair down her back.

    Good idea with the the hand flamers. Though they do look a little large but then that is fitting for the 40k universe.


  3. Looks good. The headpiece does it for me. Where did you get that =I= icon pendant, hanging off her horn? I want one! Also, I shall keep your converting perspective in mind. Good point.

  4. Very good great sense of movement. Can't wait for the painting! What'll it be? Electric pink hair ala Early Blanche?

  5. Cheers guys!

    Peter - You right but that slightly large size also makes them look more threatening don't you think?

    Phiq - that =I= pendant is from the Grey Knight sprue;)

    Minitrol - Pink hair! That sounds interesting;)

  6. I like the figure, but the pose makes me think she is going to fall... maybe one of the arms should be bent, with the flamer pointed up. Changes the look of the figure of course, but it may improve the look of balance.

  7. Stunning work.
    Where are the power cables from?

  8. Thank you Jakob!
    Cables are made with Tube-tool.