Saturday, October 20, 2012

Workspace Walkthrough - okkiW Style

Still remember this?

That was the setup I used two years ago, when i didn't care much about where I was making my toy soldiers. It was OK, because back then I did not spent that much time sitting in front of my desk sculpting away. Over the years I have started to spend more and more time sitting and sculpting, so I have been forced to make some major chances there.

This is my workbench that I using at the moment...

The picture also reveals my latest addition to the setup - The Daylight Company's wonderful triple daylight lamp. That lamp simply rocks! It provides lots of good neutral light that makes working easy. Especially in the wintertime, when natural daylight is very limited luxury here in Finland. It's a little expensive thingy but definitely worth every penny ;)
(While back Steve was talking about that same lamp)

This one shows how my desk is assembled quite high, so that Im able to keep my back straight while sculpting long hours. Im also using a saddle stool for more ergonomic posture.

 Finally, as a source of inspiration, got my original Miller framed. Ian sent it to me while ago as a return gift for Rat with a gun It's Cool as Hell!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice to see where your talented hands create the wonders you show us :)

    Was the daylight lamp expensive?

    All the best,


  2. Great tips. The high desk space is a great idea. And you're damn lucky to have an Ian Miller original!

  3. Care to tip where you bought the lamp from? :)

  4. That lamp, I must have one. Xmas just around the corner you say? Sounds good to me.

    Love your whole ergonomic setup. wanted to do that with my own station, but lack of funds at the time limited my ability to follow through.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jani -
    Although, as a Finn you must first chanche the plug to fit Finnish standard.

    Ergonomic working enviroment is a must, if you are spending lots of time building these little men.
    My setup is as close as I can get to match the setup that GW sculptors use in Nottingham
    and phiq - Yes,I do feel very lucky ;)