Friday, October 11, 2013

Ultra Cool WIP

Despite the fact that I have lately been overtiming like a dog at work, I still managed to find the energy to go through my limited bits box to search some parts for test marine.
Maybe the gods of green stuff were happy with this because I found pair of terminator legs that I thought I had lost long time ago!

The conversion was simple a hell - Terminator legs + marine arms,head and torso with smoothed shoulder plates... simple as that. The result is Marine that looks like a regular space marine, only bit taller and bulkier - perfect!

Im planning to keep the tactical marines quite plain in detail, while going over the top with Chaplains and other Special characters later on. 

What do yo think?


  1. Looking good Mikko. Can't wait to see more.


  2. Looks great, but in my opinion u should add something more to torso, to really bulk him out from normal sized models .D

  3. I really like the idea of the tactical marines being quite plain. A bit like the drawing you had in the call to arms post. But I do hope that you use a variety of helmet styles and individual chapter icons to the shoulder pads....just like in that picture.

    While talking about that picture I hope you build some Chapter Thralls.

    Now Question time:

    Now that you are going down the biggerised route have you thought about how to do Terminators? Will you be making the dreadnoughts and vehicles bigger too?

    Are you planning your army? Eg writing an army list and working to that. Or building the mandatory troop choices then going for a little of what you fancy does you good?

    Hope the OT doesn't kill you.


  4. Looking good Mikko, looks just like a regular marine... been a bit busy lately , i forgot to mention i look forward to both your projects,
    Never army gamed myself , but i too have the space marine bug at the moment.. Probably put together enough minis to form an army or two by 2015 ;-)

  5. Wow, a whole army of these... you are going to go insane! Have you looked into making sets of custom parts yourself, perhaps utilising (silicone) molds? Once you're happy with the proportions, you could make a set of legs and shoulder pads, cast enough to fill a bucket, and then use standard pieces for everything else. Terminators will be a challenge, as will bikes, landspeeders and tanks... it's all-or-nothing with up-scaling...!

  6. So many good questions here:)
    They will all get an answer in next update...stay tuned and thank you for your support;)

  7. While I think he looks good, I generally prefer seeing Terminator arms on "biggerised" Marines.

    Also, I find it a shame that you're not going with "GW-scale" Space Marines. I was looking forward to you doing something a bit more accessible to people and showing people the cool stuff you could make with the current kits.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next update :)

  8. Looks big, massive, and tough. I like it. I also see a lot of work to be done if everything is to be scaled up like this, but at the same time I have no doubt that you can do it quickly with a plan and a "production line-style" approach to getting the basics on the marines done. GREAT START!

  9. I agree - looks great! A very clean basic marine - only biggerised.
    I'd lengthen the arms just a little bit though - I just add a thin plastic disc on the wrists on my truescale marines.
    My five cents...

  10. Doesn't work for me yet. The torso is just too skimpy. You've fixed a few areas and thus highlighted how skimpy the torso is to the head. With your sculpting skills adding some bulk should be a nobrainer?

  11. Terminator legs on normal marine chest doesn't work and I think this model proves it. Stop for a second and look how far apart his legs are? Looks like he is avoiding a puddle or about to do this splits.

  12. You know what guys, You're right.
    But bulking up the torso would ad significant amount of work/per model + I would lose all those nice details from the chest plates =(
    MAYBE if I could somehow use the front part of the Terminator torso...

    1. The Terminator front plates can be used; it's a nice quick way of building 'em up. You need to trim away the arched hood thing and create a waist section, but it's an easier way to get the breadth.

  13. You could add a sheet of plasticard in between the torso plates and then just sculpt a little more meat outside of the eagle where the arms are.

    For my first biggerised army I did the plasticard sheet trick and it really worked. But then I had regular legs lengthened, so maybe it's not enough here...

    Either way, creating something that blows everyone away and will make you happy in the long run is priority one, right? then worrying about how to do it in a timely manner :)

  14. oh boy, looks like it's gonna get serious...
    maybe the 8th edition of the game seems more realistic goal after all ;)

  15. Looks interesting, have you considered using terminator pads, just removing the tab from the bottom would make them look similar. Also the older terminator legs might be a little better, I'm trying them out myself for a Rogue Trader force that I'm starting to put together.